New to Kickstarter – Muffin Time

Muffin Time - New to Kickstarter

Inspired by the asdfmovie series, Muffin Time is Big Potato Game's latest offering. It features quirky humour and hilarious card abilities used to confound your friends as you each attempt to collect 10 cards. If you like trains and have either Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens in your collection (or both) you may want to consider getting Muffin Time: The Random Card Game.


Players begin the game with three randomly drawn cards. Their aim is to have exactly 10 cards in their hand. On your turn you may draw a new card or play an Action card. Action card abilities vary, but ultimately either help you acquire more cards or prevent your friends from gaining more of their own.

There are also Trap cards which are kept secret and only activate when another player does something specific. For example: "Put this card face-down anywhere and if another player touches it they discard five cards." To defend yourself you can play Counter cards which can be played whenever you like and can block opponent actions or reverse card effects. This creates interesting gameplay when another player, who ordinarily would be forcing you to discard several cards, is instead enabling you to draw that many cards!

Once you have 10 cards in your hand you say; "It’s Muffin Time." If you have exactly 10 cards at the start of your next turn you win the game.


Muffin Time takes inspiration from the asdfmovie series created by Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell. He has been producing random hilarity on the small screen for over a decade. If you enjoy watching the asdfmovie series on YouTube (and I highly recommend you check it out) you will not be disappointed. The cards and entire theme of this game is based on the iconic style of artwork and original humour.


Muffin Time is a card game in a similar vein to Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens. Therefore, there is inevitably a high level of player interaction. On your turn you have the option to draw a card or play a card. Playing a card will normally either gain you more cards or remove them from another player (or both). Either way this will likely incite other players to play cards against you as they attempt to prevent you reaching the winning number of 10 cards whilst also trying to increase their own winning chances.


As with many similar card games the replay-ability of Muffin Time is reliant on the number of unique cards the game provides. This increases the likelihood that players will experience different cards and abilities on each playthrough. Pleasingly there are three versions of Muffin Time available, each with 120, 160 or 200 unique card variations to ensure plenty of variety for each game night.

There are also plenty of Kickstarter stretch goals to enjoy. Examples include additional cards and even a play mat to further increase the value of this specific game.


Part of the appeal of these types of card games is that they are easy to teach and generally hold the interest of players throughout. This allows for a high level of engagement during the gaming experience whilst also allowing the opportunity for maximum hilarious interactions.

Initial Thoughts on Muffin Time

The comedy of the asdfmovie series is quite specific but is one that I personally enjoy and find amusing. This is the reason I am looking forward to shouting ‘’It’s Muffin Time’’ once I have managed to navigate my way past my friends and family on my way to acquiring 10 cards!

Muffin Time: The Random Card Game is now live on Kickstarter. It's made quite an impact too. At the time of writing over 8000 backers have raised £328,220, and there are still 24 days to go! Head over to the Kickstarter page today and make your pledge.