Men at Work Preview

Men at Work Preview

Men at Work is a 2-5 player dexterity game published by Pretzel Games and designed by Rita Modl. It is a stacking and balancing game where players are competing as construction workers on a building site constructing a tower. The construction of the tower must be done carefully and safely so that no accidents or mishaps occur whilst trying to impress the boss, Rita, to gain Worker of the Month.

Men at Work - The Game

Gameplay is pretty straightforward. The active player reveals the top card from the instruction deck and performs the action. The action is made up of two parts, the revealed card, which tells you how to place a worker or girder and the top of the instruction deck which tells you what to place (worker or girder). Players can only use one hand to add the required piece to the site. Other items can be moved and lifted with the pieces being added but not directly with a hand.

A steady hand is required when playing Men at Work, to avoid causing an accident. If anything falls off the construction site on to the playing surface, then the player loses a safety certificate. When a player has no more safety certificates they are out of the game. If pieces fall off the construction site but don’t land on the playing surface, then an accident hasn’t occurred, and no safety certificate is lost.

Once the Boss Rita card is revealed she will start to hand out Worker of the Month awards. An award is received after the Boss card is revealed and a player places material or a worker on the highest position of the site. The first player to reach the required number of Workers of the Month awards is the winner.

Men at Work - Coming Soon

Men at Work looks like a great dexterity game with some fun and colourful components. There are three official variants in the rulebook to mix up the game including a crane and using the box as the base. There are also easy, medium and hard suggested setups. The combination of the revealed card and the top card on the deck will add a large amount of replay value to the game.

Men at Work is available to pre-order right now and is definitely worth checking out if you like your dexterity games or wanting to add a dexterity game to your collection. Order today to ensure you don't miss out at launch.