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Meet the Zatu Games Team – Josh

Josh Meet the Team September 2021

Here at Zatu Games, we all work hard to bring you the best possible games along with delivering exclusive content straight to your door. You know our board games and you know our video games, but you don’t know the team behind them all! Every month I will be sitting down with a different member of staff so you can meet the team. From customer service to marketing, no meeple will be left unturned!

This month, I'm speaking to our Data Analyst, Josh. When Josh isn't crunching numbers at Zatu HQ, you can find him playing DnD or deep into a game of Ultimate Frisbee. I managed to pull Josh away from his spreadsheets and quiz him on all of the need-to-know topics at Zatu Games! September's Meet the Team entry is a great one!

Name: Josh
Job Title: Data Analyst
Favourite Food: Can't beat a good Fish and Chips!
Favourite Biscuit: My go-to is a chocolate bourbon for sure!
Favourite Movie: I don't watch many movies but one that I go back to is Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Favourite Character: Kind of a big question really! I'd have to say Levi Ackerman - with the title of 'Humanity's strongest soldier' how is he not the best??? A close second is Jak from Jak and Daxter as I have spent many many hours running around in those games!
Favourite Band: I'd say either C2C or SIAMES - I quite like electronic music

What's Been Your Highlight Working at Zatu?

Getting hands-on with lots of the operational processes that go towards helping people get their favourite games!

What's Your Favourite Game, and Why?

Yet another huge question that can't possibly have 1 answer - I think I would have to say Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled as it's a throwback to my childhood and I love how high the skill ceiling can be.

What was the First Video Game That You Played?

The first I can remember playing is probably Spyro 1 & 3 back on PS1, I was also playing a lot of crash back in those days too!

What is the Last Board Game That You Played?

Sub Terra! I love this game so much due to its cooperative nature and every game will be different from the last.

And Finally, Would You Rather Have a Time Machine or a Teleporter?

100% a teleporter! Want an extra 10 mins in bed? I'll just teleport to work. Want to go on holiday? Just teleport there for an evening. Would save so much time!!

Be sure to check back next month to meet the team here at Zatu Games! In the meantime, you can always keep up to date with everything going on at Zatu HQ over on Instagram @zatugames. Why not catch up on the rest of our Meet the Zatu Games Team series?

If you are interested in joining all of us game lovers here at Zatu, you can find out more here.