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Meet the Zatu Games Team – James

Meet the Team April

Here at Zatu Games, we all work hard to bring you the best possible games along with delivering exclusive content straight to your door. You know our board games and you know our video games, but you don't know the team behind them all! Every month I will be sitting down with a different member of staff so you can meet the Zatu Games team. From customer service to marketing, no meeple will be left unturned!

Spring is in full force here at Zatu Games, even if the weather might not agree! This month I'll be talking to James, the Accounts Assistant Apprentice. James is our favourite number cruncher with quite the taste for a Digestive or two!

Name: James

Job Title: Accounts Assistant Apprentice

Favourite Food: Five Guys, Cheese and Bacon hot dog. Accompanied by a side of Five Guys style fries. THIS is the best meal a man can buy

Favourite Biscuit: 100% has to be Caramel Chocolate Digestives

Favourite Movie: Le Mans 66: Ford vs Ferrari

Favourite Character: It has to be Mario!

Hobbies: It has to be football! I used to love a trip to The Tottenham Hotspur stadium pre-Covid. I also love to get out driving as much as possible! 

What’s been your highlight working at Zatu?

Meeting everyone within the companythere are no friendship groups based on departments at Zatu, everyone just gets on with each otherGetting the inside knowledge on up-and-coming games is also a bonus! 

And what's your favourite game and why?

My favourite video game would have to be Fifa 21. Matches with the boys are unbeatable!

What was the first video game that you played?

Simpson’s Hit and Run. What more can I say? It will always be a classic!  

What is the last board game that you played?

It was probably Monopoly! I'd be lying if I said that it didn't end in a family argument.

And lastly, in honour of Spring, would you rather have lamb's legs or a chick's beak?

I'd have to go for lamb's legs. They have so much energy! It's ridiculous and something I'd love to have!

Be sure to check back next month to meet more of the Zatu Team! In the meantime, you can always keep up to date with everything going on at Zatu HQ over on Instagram @zatugames. Why not catch up on the rest of our Meet the Zatu Games Team series?

If you are interested in joining all of us game lovers here at Zatu, you can find out more here.