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Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots: Magnetron

Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots Magnetron

Steel Colosseum is now live on Kickstarter! Steel Colosseum is a competitive team combat arena game for 2-4 players, featuring a series of scraps between two teams of two customisable fighting robots. Designed by Needy Cat Games, Steel Colosseum is also Zatu Games' very first publishing deal.

We return to our introductions with the greatest example of the operators' construction abilities: Magnetron!

Introducing Magnetron

Unlike most of the other robots, who are repurposed from existing mechanical models, Magnetron was built completely from scratch - right here at the colosseum!

Magnetron's biggest feature (literally) is the giant magnet that also happens to be its namesake. This magnet can push and pull Magnetron's opponents around the board, as well as help you to collect scrap tokens necessary for later upgrades in the game. Magnetron isn't too quick on its feet, but what it lacks in speed and endurance, it makes up for in armour... and did we mention the giant magnet?

  • Boneshaker was a favourite during playtesting, probably because it lets Magnetron gain extra movement points by shedding armour. It’s a great utility option, and it’s also a hilarious mental image.
  • Lockdown sees Magnetron overcharging its magnet to grab all adjacent scrap tokens… including some still attached to robots!
  • Don’t ask about the physics behind Attract. It lets Magnetron use its electromagnet at range, dragging a distant robot or scrap token closer - great for disrupting enemy plans or saving a teammate from an impending attack.


In the World of Steel Colosseum

Lake flexed their fingers over the control board. It felt good to be operating Magnetron again. It was the only robot built right here, at the Colosseum. Sure, it was an assortment of mismatched parts that usually held together just long enough to get through a bout… but the same could be said of a lot of people, right? Anyway, what it lacked in structural integrity, it made up for in character. It was self-made. Lake could relate to that.

However, it was about to come face-to-face with one of the most robust robots on the circuit: Juggernaut, a former demolitions drone. If it could pull down a building it could sure as shanks crush a robot.

The comm crackled. ‘I’ll feel pretty bad about smashing Magnetron,’ said Raul, ‘but not so bad that I won’t do it.’

Lake sent their drones flying up in formation to flash a rude sign above the arena where the other team could see it.

‘Ha! Game on,’ he replied, sending Juggernaut roaring forward.

‘Not so fast,’ Lake muttered from their control pod. Magnetron had taken some damage already, and their partner operator, Indira, was locked in combat on the other side of the arena. A close-range encounter with the big demolisher would usually be fatal. Lake hammered the controls to send Magnetron ducking back out of range… but nothing happened.

Lake frowned.

Down in the arena something shimmered around Juggernaut. Raul’s laughter was audible over the crowd.

‘An immobiliser? Dammit!’ That was why they couldn’t move. If they didn’t get Magnetron out of the massive robot’s reach, it would be game over.

Lake shot off an EMP, sending Juggernaut shaking to a temporary halt and breaking the immobiliser’s hold. The big machine rebooted far faster than Lake would have liked, but they quickly fired off the Sandblaster rigged to Magnetron’s arm. The light shrapnel cloud barely scratched the heavy opponent, but it did mask Magnetron’s escape.

There was one more thing Lake wanted to do before they drew Magnetron back to a safe range. When Magnetron had been up close and personal with Juggernaut, Lake had spied a loose armour plate through the POV link. Even as they were sending Magnetron clattering back out of the range of Juggernaut’s arms, they activated the hefty electromagnet - and sure enough, the plate tore loose.

‘That’ll do nicely, thank you’ Lake crowed over the comm.

Meet the Robots

There are five other robots to learn about, as well as four operators, so be sure to check out the whole Meet the Robots series. We also have a series of blogs on the team behind Steel Colosseum, which give some insight into how the game was made - and some sneak peeks at what's coming next!

And, of course, you can check out our Kickstarter page to learn everything you need to know about Steel Colosseum.

Editors note: This blog was originally published on March 21st, 2022. Updated on May 17th, 2022 to improve the information available.