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May Bank Holiday News Round-Up

May Bank Holiday News - Valerian

We hope that you all had a great three-day weekend! Here's our May Bank Holiday News Round-Up....

In July, the world will bear witness to a new science fiction action-adventure film- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. In addition to the movie release, Ultra Pro have announced a board game that will be based on the big-budget blockbuster. Valerian: Alpha Missions will be a cooperative game where players will complete missions on a board of hidden tiles within the contested zone of Alpha. Players must cooperate to complete the missions, battling or evading enemies and get to the extraction zone to win.

The game is due to be released in time with the movie release, July 2017.


Catalyst Games Labs are heading in to a partnership with Wizards of the Coast with an announcement of plans to publish a Dungeons and Dragons deck building game – Dragonfire. Dragonfire will be a 3-6 player game in which the players will become a race; selecting from dwarves, elves, half-orcs to humans and equipping them with weapons, magic spells, and other mystical items.

The game begins with all players in Sword Coast and then they can expand to other places like Waterdeep, and Neverwinter in the Forgotten Realms. Throughout their journey players will be able to level up their equipment and other characteristics.

Blood Bound

Fantasy Flight Games are releasing a new updated edition of Blood Bound. It will have new artwork adding more character to the already popular game. Each player is given a secret character, only showing a small clue to their neighbour, to which  vampire house they belong to.

The goal of the game is to kill the leader of the opposing house so be wise on revealing your rank even if it does unlock your character’s special abilities.

Look out for release in the third quarter of 2017.


Van Ryder Games plans to bring a new crime board game, Detective: City of Angels, with tension and interrogation to the tabletop world inspired by film noire like LA Confidential and casts players in Los Angeles of the 1940’s. The game possesses the unique mechanism of ARC (Adaptive Response Cards) which allows the player in control of the ‘The Chisel’ to control suspects in each case to mislead detectives with lies and false information.

Detective: City of Angels will include casebooks for both detectives and Chisel with a variety of outcomes that depend on the player’s decisions within the game. With design from Dark Moon creator Evan Derrick and illustrations by Vincent Dutrait, the same illustrator behind games like  -  Robinson Crusoe, TIME Stories and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Look out for this on Kickstarter later this year.