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Marvel Dice Throne Tier List

marvel dice throne tier list

Hello fellow Marvel Dice Throne fans! Today, I am ranking the Marvel Dice Throne characters based off of their power...

Before I start this, please take this list with a pinch of salt. All heroes are really well balanced and it was incredibly hard to make this list. I tried my best to think about each character as a whole but, of course I have not been able to play every match multiple times. If you think differently please let me know, I would love to chat more on the topic.

Without further ado this is my current tier list:

1. Scarlett Witch - she was a hard one to place. When you understand the game she can be extremely powerful. To start with you may not think so due to the difficulty in rolling in some of here base powers. However, get a few upgrades and dice changing cards in hand and she can be a powerhouse. If played a lot I believe that the Scarlett Witch would become a beast and she has all the tools needs to beat any player. She does not win all match-ups hands down but, I think she wins most of them.

2. Black Widow - this character is vert very powerful and especially so if you start with a good hand. Not only is Black Widow the best character for upgrading powers, she starts with powers that help her but, she also has one of the best effects for damaging other heroes in her time bombs. Each upgrade makes her attacks stronger and each power bomb on opponents will do 4 undefendable damage if the opponents don't manage to roll a 6 on a dice to defuse it. These can be horrible to deal with and great fun if you are the Black Widow player.

3. Doctor Strange - this is an expert players character if ever there was one. He is the most unique hero but, if you put in the time and learn how his spells and casting works he can steamroll the opponents. This can seem impossible to start with and does require some real strategy and thinking but, when played correctly he can outpunch almost everyone. If he was not so complex I think he would be number 1, but for most players it will be hard to play optimally as the good Doctor.

4. Thor - one of the strongest for sure but, where to place him again was difficult. Thor's hammer and abilities are all pretty strong. He feels to me like the character that the whole game was developed around. He is very strong, well balanced and can do a tonne of damage if you roll well. He can also be very susceptible to effects and attacks himself. If his defense was a little better he's most probably be my number 1 pick. Throwing Mjolnir feels awesome too so he's a firm favourite of mine to play and would be not matter how strong I think he is due to this.

5. Captain Marvel - very basic, very strong and excellent even for beginners. She is one of the strongest characters easily and without needing much learning at all. In both novice and expert players hands, Captain Marvel wrecks shop. The limited number of options however may put of some plays but, I will cover this later in my post about the hereos listed in order of "most fun" (sneak peak - Captain Marvel will not be anywhere near the top haha).

6. Spider-man - placing Miles Morales was extremely difficult. I think he is the most variable character in the whole box. Sometimes he is great but, sometimes he is just pants. If you can keep getting combo tokens and attacking twice then you are in for a good game. But, on the flip side if you do not some of his other attacks seem a little underpowered. I tend to roll poorly so for me he,s not too strong. You may think this rating is completely wrong depending on how well you roll with him. He is still extremely fun to play though and I love webbing people up as Spider-man it feels great. Do not let my rating put you off from using him. Even if you lose you will have a great time.

7. Loki - has a really interesting play style and can use his powers well if you are well-versed in Dice Throne. For newer players he is very hard to pick up and play. He is very thematic and can use his illusions to great effect when defending. Sometimes the illusions block all damage and are amazing but, sometimes they do nothing at all. Loki is very risky yet rewarding. I find Loki to be either brilliant or rubbish and nowhere in-between. He is a lot of fun though and if you like pushing your luck then this is still going to be one of your favourites to play as.

8. Black Panther - Simple to play, good for new players but also not ridiculously strong. Even though he is bottom of my list, he is not stupidly underpowered and can win games. The whole cast overall is actually very well balanced and this bottom section was extremely hard to choose. I have won some games as Black Panther but, he to me seems like the hardest character to win with.

Thanks for reading this Marvel Dice Throne tier list, I would love to hear your thoughts on the tier list. See you soon Marvel fans, DB.