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Magic the Gathering (MtG): 2021 Releases

MtG 2021 Releases Feature
MtG 2021 Releases Feature

Hello spellslingers, and readers who navigated here by mistake!

The Zendikar Rising announcement stream in September 2020 (available on youtube) gave us the expected rundown on the upcoming expansion. We got a closer look at new and returning game mechanics, cards, artwork, and an overview of the supporting story. Zendikar Rising launches on MtG Arena on 17th September. Tabletop pre-release follows on 18th - 24th, ahead of the full release on 25th.  Keep an eye out for my review of the new set, later this month.

In addition, we got a preview of the planned releases for 2021:

MtG 2021 Releases Body 2

Magic 2021 - The Main Sets:

Kaldheim is a Viking inspired world that has been teased before, but we've yet to visit it. I'm looking forward to learning more about this set! I'm expecting the return of snow-covered lands and Gods, as well as tribal themes for Giants and Trolls and Dwarves.

Strixhaven: School of Mages is an elite university wherein five colleges contest with one another with their own take on magic. This feels a little like the original Ravnica block, which I really enjoyed. Could we be getting a Ravnica/Harry Potter style mash up?

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure in the Forgotten Realms will bring D&D and MtG firmly together in this crossover set. I'm expecting some synergies with new mechanics introduced in Zendikar Rising.

Innistrad: Werewolves & Innistrad: Vampires. A double return to Innistrad, one of my favourite settings in the game! The names of these two sets give a pretty clear indication of what to expect. I look forward to a return of Sorin, and lots of new Vampires.

MtG 2021 Releases Body 1

Supplementary Sets

Time Spiral Remastered will give us the chance to experience this classic block in a modern draft setting. This set will be a curated collection of cards from all three sets in the original block, Time Spiral, Planr Chaos, and Future Sight.

Modern Horizons 2 will be a paper only set making more cards avaialble for the Modern format. The big headline here is that five enemy fetch lands will be available in this set. MtG players have been asking for fetch land reprints for some time, so this is welcome news!