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Ludonaute Games Living Forest Interview

Ludonaute interview
Ludonaute interview

Ludonaute is a board game publisher founded in 2010 by a couple of passionate gamers. Based in the South of France the house publishes every year a small number of board games or cards for which months of development and research are needed to achieve the best play. Their wish: to bring a real game experience and to invite you to a wonderful journey through mythical, imaginary or exotic worlds with the best quality of manufacture and game mechanic.

Interview with Manon

How does it feel to have won the Kennerspiel Des Jahres 2022?

“It feels good, really good. We have hoped for this to happen so much but you never know, the two other games were great too. So when we saw Living Forest on the Kennerspiel pawn on the stage, it was truly pure happiness. We all jumped together and enjoyed every second. After this unreal moment where the time stopped, it took us time to realise we have really won it! It is such an amazing experience.”

What about Living Forest do you feel helped it win such a prestigious award?

“Living Forest was quite well established in Europe before the Kennerspiel and even before the As d'Or but yes, winning the Kennerspiel definitely helped the game to be known all around the world. The Kennerspiel has an important international impact. We saw a lot of reviews on social medias, especially from the US and a lot of new games on Board Games Arena. In a year, the game has been translated in 24 languages which is crazy.”

As known, you're currently working on Precognition and the Colt Express expansion, Couriers and Armoured Train. Can we expect to see anything else exciting from you this year?

“For 2022 that will be all. Our way of working is to develop only 2 or 3 games a year and to push them as far as possible. What we can say is that we know the games we are going to release by 2024 and we are all very happy with them.”

How does the experience of creating such well-loved and successful games feel?

“These are only good feelings to take and cherish and remember. It's not every year we publish a such successful game. Sometimes we put all our energy into a game that does not meet its public. So when it works, it's great, for us and for all the people around the game.”

Where do you find the inspiration for your games?

"We are inspired by so many things: the movies, the books we like, by nature, by our travels, by the current situation of the world, by our talks, by the mechanics... It really depends. But one thing is certain, the theme is a topic we talk a LOT because it is important for us that our games are immersive and tell stories.”

Personally, I'm a massive fan of Colt Express, besides the upcoming expansion, are there any future plans to expand the series currently?

“Colt Express will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2024 ”

My overview and thoughts

I was so pleased to interview anyone at Ludonaute Games, I am a massive fan of Colt Express. I look forward to helping them celebrate their 10th Anniversary of the game in 2024. It’s amazing how they take everyday things and turn them into such wonderful games, that’s talent. Another massive congratulations on all your recent prize winnings Ludonaute Games and hopefully more to come for you!

Thank you to Manon for taking part in this interview and I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

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