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Lorcana: top 8 cards to play: Rise of the Floodborn and The First Chapter


''What can I say except your welcome'' (insert musical note emojs here)

FYI: these 'bests' are from the most memorable Lorcana cards I have played with, so far!

Best to play:

#8 I'm Stuck- action- amythyst

Because Winnie the Pooh characters are arguably the cutest Disney characters of all time (especially Pooh bear here, struggling out of Rabbit's house because of his honey consumption). And, when playing him, players can chose an opposing players' card, to disable that card from being 'ready' at the next turn.

#7 Chip the teacup- amythyst - and #6 Cogsworth - talking clock- sapphire

Because they are both 'cheap' to play (1 and 2 ink respectively) and Beauty and the Beast is arguably THE BEST DISNEY FILM OF ALL TIME!

#5 Flounder-voice of reason- sapphire

An ideal simple starting card, costing just 1 ink to play and being all bubbly and cute

#4 Maleficent- uninvited- sapphire

Because little beats mystic feminine power: she is strong with 6 resist and she scores 3 lore

#3 Hei hei- persistent presence- amythyst

Costing just 2 ink, he can be played early on in the game. He attacks 2, and his resist 1 comes in useful as each time he is banished in a challenge, he is returned to that player's hand. The never-ending chaotically flapping cutie!

#2 Madam mim -fox-anythyst

Another animal character that costs just 2 ink. When played, another character can be banished to that player's hand, maximising opportunities to challenge and score lore.

#1 MAUI- demigod- steel

Although he costs 8 ink to play, it is definitely well worth the wait. He is a very strong card to challenge as he has 8 for both attack and resist, and he quests for a generous reward of 3 lore.

Lastly, of course, not forgetting the Lorcana cards that make it all possible: the best cards to ink. My personal favourite to ink is Prince Naveen - penniless Royal. I have no particular attachment to him, and he earns only 1 lore, so this is a bit of a no-brainer for me really. But generally, it seems logical to 'ink' a mix of cards that are 'expensive' and those that don't create much joy when played.