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News Round-Up: Legacy releases and MtG goes Squirrel

News - Betrayal Legacy

It’s a good week for fans of legacy games, Flash Gordon and anyone who doesn’t take their Magic too seriously.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is getting a legacy version

Great news for anyone who loves both horror and legacy games: they’re being mixed together in Betrayal Legacy. Rob Daviau, the man behind Pandemic and Risk Legacy, worked on Betrayal at House on the Hill a good few years ago, and now he’s returned to turn it into a legacy version. You’ll play over a series of scenarios as usual, but the timeline is decades so if your character survives one mission you might be seeing them again, much older.

Key to the promo around this, however, is that despite all the usual legacy tricks you’ll still be able to play this once the main campaign is finished, so that’ll please the environment. In fact, the only downside is they’re looking at an Essen 2018 release, so the game is a year away.

Godtear is billed as a legacy miniatures game

Yep, more legacy news, and this time it involves miniatures. Steamforged, the team behind Guild Ball and Dark Souls, have promised us Godtear, a ‘narrative driven’ game where you play as a set of champions and their allies fighting your opponents over a campaign to see who can become a god. A refined Guild Ball seems to be the basis for the system, it’ll be on a hex board, and there won’t be factions in the game so you can choose your Warband from all the available figures.

The starter pack will be for two players with two champions each but you’ll need two of these for a full game. The Kickstarter starts January 29, but there’s an early access programme for the very keen.

Savage Worlds kickstarts Flash Gordon

It’s been common knowledge that Savage Worlds wanted a Flash Gordon expansion, but it has now finally hit Kickstarter. Yes, The Savage World of Flash Gordon covers the movie, the television shows and more besides, but let’s be serious all we want to do is put Queen on and shout Gordon’s Alive because nostalgia is a killer.

You can pledge on a PDF or hardcover of the core rules right now, although by core we mean you still need Savage Worlds to play, and there is the Kingdoms of Mongo sourcebook for extra detail. One key difference is the use of the Cliffhanger: a token players can use to gain rewards but in turn trigger special events.

New D&D players like to watch online

Your scribe has a confession: he’s been watching and listening to recordings of people playing RPGs for many years now, as a new kind of entertainment. But it turns out this isn’t a confession at all: this is very much the present. Nathan Stewart, a director of Dungeons and Dragons, told the Verge that over half of new 5th edition players have watched people playing online, including the wildly successful and very good Critical Roll series.

The fact this was done by professional voice actors having a laugh helped, but D&D is rising in popularity at the same time Twitch streams of gamers doing it keep doubling year on year. Wizards of the Coast are now expanding their streaming content.

Legends of the Alliance app brings co-op to Imperial Assault

After a gestation period that would make an elephant proud, the companion app for Star Wars Imperial Assault is almost here… and it’s amazing. It’s now called Legends of the Alliance and has the computer doing all your map development and character tracking as well as a new campaign, but the cause for celebration is it allows four people to play co-operatively as the rebel scum while it handles all the empire’s movement.

It’s definitely the sibling of Fantasy Flight’s Mansions of Madness app and the release date might be the end of 2017. Might, because my lack of faith is disturbing.

DC Deckbuilding Game goes all Justice League on us

DC just released a movie where key parts of their franchise joined together to fight, and let’s be honest that happens a lot in the comics too. Well, the DC Deckbuilding Game is getting a dedicated team up expansion called Confrontations. While it uses the existing DC system, allowing for older packs to be brought in, the one/one system in Batman vs Joker now becomes two/two, with rules for these teamed up heroes/villains to assist each other during battle. For £30 you’ll get 180 cards and 24 characters.

Magic the Gathering is bringing you a squirrel expansion

No, I’m not drunk, Magic the Gathering (MtG) really is getting a squirrel heavy expansion. So the background: twice before, over literally decades, MtG has received an ‘Un’ expansion (Unhinged and Unglued), which adds cards that aren’t tournament legal but which pushes the game in funny, bizarre and extreme ways.

Now we’re getting Unstable, and there are loads of cards about squirrels, including a raccoon which sells you squirrels and the Chittering Doom which is basically a furry nightmare. If this all sounds your thing this is one of those rare news stories which tells you it’s out very soon indeed: December 8.