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Laura’s Christmas Wishlist – Top 6

Laura's Christmas Wishlist

Tis the season to be gaming! After seeing Tom’s (incredible) Xmas Wishlist, I couldn’t help but chime in with my own. So here are the top six games I hope to find under the Christmas tree this year! Why top six? Because I have a bit too much fun with listicles.

1) My Little Scythe

A few of you might recall seeing this as my pick for November’s Game of the Month. What can I say? I’m being honest when I say I really enjoy this game, and would love to have it on my game shelf. I’ll keep this brief to save from too much repetition.

The components are incredible, the artwork is adorable, and the gameplay is well-balanced with enough randomisation in the set-up so it will never feel like the same game twice. That’s why My Little Scythe is my top pick for my Christmas Wishlist this year.

2) Kingdomino

Kingdomino is another game my husband had come across at PAX Unplugged before I ever knew about it. Now I wonder how we didn’t look into it any sooner! It looks like it melds elements from some of our favourite games, including tile placement (Carcassonne), pattern building (Castles of Mad King Ludwig), and card drafting (Honshu). On top of all that, it’s also incredibly affordable for how much you’re getting. If Santa doesn’t come through this year, maybe I’ll get it for someone’s birthday. And maybe they’ll bring it the next game night?

3) Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef

Sometimes (alright, countless times) there are more awesome games running on KS than the budget can afford to handle. Sometimes, even the most incredible games can slip through the cracks on the Save list. This is one of those that I regret. From its stunning artwork and the separate pieces that make up a beautifully-shaped board, to the upgradable dice and the asymmetrical characters - complete with traits that you can improve based on completed challenges - Tidal Blades appears to be a unique game in all the best ways.

I still remember all-but drooling over the pictures and videos, feeling that strange sense of awe that only a rare few games can bring before you ever play them. Thankfully, it’s still open for late pledges, so I should have time to show my group videos of the playthrough and (hopefully) get them just as interested in it as I am!

4) Mint Works

I’ve had to accept the fact that I’m a sucker for games that are quick and easy to learn while offering enough depth to the strategist in me. Mint Works appears to be one of those games. It’s also incredibly affordable, so I don’t feel guilty asking for it when friends or family ask what I want for Christmas this year. Much like most of the games on this list, I haven’t played it, but I have seen enough playthroughs to know that if I don’t get it as a gift, I’ll be gifting it to myself!

5) Forbidden Sky

I might be a bit bias with this choice. Forbidden Island was one of my favourite entry-level games when I was still new to hobby gaming. Just when I started to grow a bit bored with it, Forbidden Desert came along and added enough twists to breath new life into the theme while keeping the elements from Forbidden Island that made it so enjoyable.

Now, just as we started to notice how long it’s been since we last played either of the Forbidden games, I stumble across Forbidden Sky. Though I haven’t had the opportunity for a playthrough, it appears the creator has done it again! From what I’ve seen, the base element of the games that have made the Forbidden series so enjoyable is still left in tact while more potential for layers of strategy have been folded in. I can’t wait to see if Santa helps us get up to date on this great trilogy of games!

6) Bunny Kingdom

This is one my husband came across at PAX Unplugged. I had seen the name on Twitter from time to time, but I never really looked into it until then. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but the name and box art always threw me off. Now I’m kicking myself for judging a game by its name and box art. Bunny Kingdom actually looks like a ton of fun, and one that I hope to find under my Christmas tree..