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Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake Preview

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake Preview

We have all been there. You have gone out for dinner. Have a lovely meal and you are stuffed. Then the waiter/waitress comes along, “Would you like to look at the dessert menu?” and you say, go on, I will just have a look. The before you know it you have ordered yourself a sticky toffee pudding or a cheesecake. How can you resist. Yum yum.

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake is the latest expansion to the brilliant Kitchen Rush - published by Artipia Games. It offers those scrummy desserts that we can’t seem to refuse and hopefully your customers won’t either. Piece of Cake adds ice-creams, crème, fruit, chocolate chips and nuts along with additional custom wooden pieces.

There is an extension to the players board and a 60's worker timer that can do improved actions. The main board also has an additional board to contain the extra tokens, a freezer to store the ice cream and extra action spaces. The expansion adds so much content to the game. There are new order cards, specialist abilities and prestige bonuses.

Some of the new action spaces available include a Maitre D’ space for the addition of ice cream orders to the order board. These are then taken and processed in a similar way to the main orders in the base game. There is a Freezer action space that lets you retrieve ice cream from the freezer and place them on the order.

There is also a Fridge action space, many of the dessert cards need to be refrigerated before it can be served and behaves similar to the “cook” action in the Kitchen Rush base game. There is an additional shopping action space that lets players purchase Crème, fruit, spices or toppings (such as chocolate chips or nuts) and ice cream.

Order Piece of Cake today!

If you love the base game of Kitchen Rush then the Piece of Cake expansion is a sure thing. This adds another element to the already fantastic game. Be sure to check it out today.