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Introducing our Kickstarter Support Packages

Kickstarter Packages Scheme

Over the years, we have been supporting Kickstarter board game creators by making our pledges and having their games on our online store. Now, we're looking to take our relationship with publishers and designers even further, by introducing our special Kickstarter Packages.

We want to ensure that the very best publishers and designers are able to get their projects up and running, making their board game dreams a reality. With our three packages - Silver, Gold and Platinum - we can provide you with different levels of promotion and advertising for your game.

As well as promoting your latest projects, we also want to ensure your game makes it to your customers on time! We will hold your games at our warehouse, sort all of the necessary packaging and ship the game to your backers. We have a very experienced team, who ship thousands of products every day to ensure our customers receive their games on time. Let us make this process a smooth experience, by ensuring your games reach those ready and waiting to play them!

Read on to learn more about what we can offer you, and also what you'll receive with each individual package.

Online Advertising

We're able to promote your board game through numerous Google Adverts and other forms of online advertising. Our Google campaigns regularly achieve a reach of up to 100,000 people, and depending on your target market we're able to tailor our adverts to match your needs. For example, if you only want to advertise in the United Kingdom, we can set our adverts to match this requirement.

The number of impressions that we can set your adverts to reach will depend on the Kickstarter Package you choose.

Digital Reach

This will be the number of people who see your game online. The higher the package the more money and time that will be spent on developing your online campaigns, and ensuring a higher number of people are reached:

  • Silver - 20,000
  • Gold - 68,000
  • Platinum - 105,000

Delivery Services

We have an experienced, highly-trained dispatch team who help ensure the shipment of thousands of products every day. Depending on the package you choose, your games can be sent through our Royal Mail tracked delivery service. By using a trusted and tracked delivery service we can guarantee that your customers will receive their parcel on time.

We can also provide international shipment of your board games. This is a fantastic way of increasing your game's reach across the world and getting your brand out there to the gaming world. We already ship to over 50 different countries around the world, and we're always working on ways to increase this figure.

Dedicated Account Manager

To ensure that you receive the highest quality of service from Zatu Games, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. They will work with you to ensure that your are 100% happy with the entire process. Our dedicated account managers are experienced within the board game industry and ensure a smooth process in promoting and delivering your board game to customers.

Social Media

We have a strong social media presence, with popular profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Across these three channels we have over 5000 active followers, who visit our profiles to find our latest deals and read our blog posts.

After choosing one of our Kickstarter Packages, our talented design team would create attractive social posts for your board game. Every post about your products would include a link to the relevant product page on our online store, helping to drive the number of views and sales.

Website Banner Space

We'll promote your board game on our home page, which gives you the opportunity to achieve up to 72,000 impressions. The length of time your game will be advertised depends on the package you go for:

  • Silver - Two week.
  • Gold - Four weeks.
  • Platinum - Six weeks.

The banner will click through straight to your product page, which will provide information about your game. The product page will also include any content created by our team of bloggers, for example a blog post, reviews and even videos of them unboxing or demoing the game.

Online Content

A large content team means that we can offer you the following:


Our YouTube Channel is growing week-by-week, with videos being uploaded almost daily! Our channel is full of board game unboxings and in-depth reviews, which is what we can offer you as part of our Kickstarter Packages.

By joining our scheme, we'll send a copy of your game to our blogging team. One of them will then produce an unboxing video of the game to show off your components and artwork. They will then get the game to the table for some game time, before returning to the camera for an in-depth review. Of course, all of our videos are then shared across our social media channels. For unboxings, we may also be able to offer a Facebook Live video of your game.


We have a huge blogging team who come together to produce in-depth reviews, previews, features and interviews on our popular blog. We now have over 1500 articles on our website, written by more than 100 different gamers.

As part of your Kickstarter Package a member of the team would produce an article to go alongside the launch of your campaign. Once the game if officially released we would then produce an in-depth review of the game as well.


Our newsletter goes out to around 12,000 gamers and features a range of information, such as new releases and special offers, our most popular blog posts and videos, and gaming events that we're attending.

The newsletter option is available with the Gold and Platinum Packages:

  • Gold - An article in the newsletter, including a piece of text promoting your Kickstarter and game.
  • Platinum - A large article in the newsletter, including an image and content extracted from the review of your game.

Trade Press Advertising

A Platinum Package exclusive! Our Trade Press Advertising offer includes a quarter page advert in Tabletop Gaming Magazine to promote your board game! This advert will include information about the game, as well as a review and where customers can get their hands on a copy!

Kickstarter Packages - Get in Touch

If you want to get involved with our Kickstarter Packages please complete our enquiry form or give our team a call on 0800 007 5444.