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Kickstarter Board Game Round-Up – May 26

Another week means only one thing, plenty more Kickstarter board games to choose from. This week has been a great one in my opinion. With games like Heroes of Land, Air and Sea getting some awesome stretch goals unlocked, Ravage almost funding and Outlive being delivered to backers hands and looking immense!!

In this week's Kickstarter Board Game Round-Up, we have my pick of the games currently on Kickstarter and all of these are worthy of a back in my opinion!

The Manhattan Project 2

This is the sequel to the great game, Manhattan Project, by Minion Games. In this game you re a leader of a nuclear superpower. You must deploy nuclear weapons of various types and the object of the game is to earn the most amount of victory points.

The usual place and retrieve workers is still ever-present and if the other games in this series are to go by then The Manhattan Project 2 should be a hit.


A great looking deck-builder where you go against one another in a gladiator style battle arena.

Gain armour and the crowds favour as you try to be the best gladiator around.

With great looking art and components I am excited to be trying this out with the developer on table top simulator soon. A bonus part of Carthage is the cheap shipping all round and this makes it a must back for me.

Clash of Rage

As mentioned already in this article, Outlive is an awesome looking game and Clash of Rage is from the same publishers so has a lot to live up to. Look at the image provided and you will see it looks awesome.

These publishers are really going to make a name for themselves if they carry on like this. The game is a 1-4 player confrontation game including over 70 minis.

It includes both campaign and skirmish modes add to that the great looking art this is one that has me excited - and it seems many others, hence the one hour funding time!

 Loot & Recruit

The reason I include this game is one simple fact it looks fun. Yet to fund but well on its way, this unique looking deck-builder is a game for 2-5 players.

The name says it all, in Loot & Recruit all you basically do is use cards to get loot or recruit goblins. The player who accumulates the most victory points, by recruitng and stacking goblins on your platforms, will win the game and be crowned the Goblin King!

I hope this game funds and with plenty of time left in the campaign I have no doubt it will.