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Kick-Ass Board Game Preview

Kick-Ass Board Game Preview

Back in 2017, CMON, famous for the likes of Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest and the highly acclaimed Zombicide, announced that they would be releasing a board game based on the comic book world of Kick-Ass. If you haven’t read the comics, created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., I highly recommend them!

Kick-Ass was thrust into the public eye back in 2010 with the release of the film by the same name and for those unfamiliar with the comics, soon found themselves enjoying the world of the home-made superhero!

While it may have taken CMON 10 years to release a game based on this IP, I for one am definitely excited to see what this board game has in store for us! The producer, Renato Sasdelli, has explained previously that this game will be based solely on the comic books; something I believe will benefit the game.

Sample Miniatures - CMON

A Look at Kick-Ass

So, what is the game all about? Suitable for two to four players and incorporating a co-op element, you, the player, take on the role of one of seven available heroes, including the likes of Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit Girl. They will be working together in New York City to stop evil, help the vulnerable and balance your personal and social life alongside your crime fighting career.

This unique take on a superhero game see a shift away from the standard, established superhero role and rather your “hero” is just starting out, trying to ensure their personal life doesn’t crumble as a result of their new role within the city. Throughout the game, each turn is divided into three phases, these being Morning, Afternoon and Night. During these phases, it is up to you to decide what your hero does. Do they attempt to track down and attempt to apprehend some of the “Evil Boss’” minions? Do they try and boost their social standing after recently appearing on a news segment? Or do they simply rest and recuperate and spend some time living their normal life?

All of this is down to the player but each decision will impact the final outcome of the game. This idea shows me that the game will follow a style much like a Euro-style worker placement mechanic. You’re not alone in your hero quest either! Being co-op game, you also have the option to help out your fellow “heroes” and work towards your goal of taking down one of the five “Evil Bosses" In terms of the Evil Boss, each one has their own unique deck of cards which will dictate movement and actions for each boss and how they interact with the game.

Sample Activation Card - CMON

Hopes for Kick-Ass

In my opinion, although using a somewhat dated IP in some respects, this game is looking to be a hit, especially with fans of the comic series. The comics are fantastic and if this theme is upheld throughout, it will look beautiful as well as play well! The co-op element, along with the Euro-style should hopefully lead to this game being a hit.

One controversial move made by CMON Games is the decision to take this game straight to retail, rather than through a Kickstarter (KS) campaign first. While KS games are becoming far more prevalent in the tabletop world, CMON have come out and said that they feel they could not do the campaign, nor the game “justice” simply due to time constraints. While this means we may avoid the delays in release and all the other issues that come with KS campaigns, it means that fans may miss out on certain exclusives that may have been developed had the game gone through KS.

Needless to say, I will definitely be trying this game out when it releases in Q3 2018. Be it for the theme alone, I am intrigued to see how it plays and look forward to being able to play as some of the dynamic characters within the Kick-Ass universe! This is definitely a game to keep on your radar!