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How To Play Wingspan: European Expansion

Wingspan Game

Wingspan is one of the most popular and beloved games in our hobby. It’s easy to teach, endlessly varied and absolutely gorgeous to look at. Not to mention the fact that the theme is wonderfully original.

This first expansion adds 81 new birds, introducing brand new powers and mechanics. There are also some new bonus cards and additional end-of-round goals.

In this How To Play, I won’t be covering the full rules for Wingspan (you can find our guide here), only the new features.

A Classic Setup

When playing with Wingspan European Expansion, there are no changes to the regular Wingspan setup. You can shuffle the new bird cards into the main deck, the new bonus cards into their deck and the end-of-round goal tiles into their set (before drawing 4 as usual).

New Birds, New Powers

There are two new mechanics introduced in this expansion and both of them are through bird powers.

End-of-Round Powers (teal stripe). If a bird with an end-of-round power is played into your habitat, it will trigger once everyone has completed all of their actions. These powers provide a range of bonuses, from scoring opportunities to extra actions.

Alternative costs, some of the European birds have a * next to their cost. These provide alternate ways to pay for a bird when placing it in your habitat, or sometimes allow you to place it on top of a previously placed bird.

A Few Extras

As mentioned above, this expansion also contains some new bonus cards and goal tiles, giving you more variety in end-game objectives and different things to aim for each round.

It also comes with some purple eggs, some more food tokens, a score pad/extra cards for the solo mode and a handy ‘end of round’ reference tile.

Short And Sweet

That’s how to play Wingspan: The European Expansion!

All in all, this adds some nice new twists to the game without increasing the complexity. If you love Wingspan and like the idea of having a bit more of everything, you can’t really go wrong here.

This blog was originally published on Feb 28th, 2022. Updated on April 6th, 2022 to improve the information available.