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How to Play Sushi Go Party

Sushi Go Party

Let’s go out for dinner. What do you fancy? Sushi sound good? Great. Whilst we’re out, let’s invite one to six more friends to join us. We’ll make it a party that people have to go to to get sushi… Ok, I’ve stretched this as far as I can. Hey, let’s just play Sushi Go Party! Sushi Go Party is the standalone sequel to Sushi Go, the card drafting game with adorable little sushi artwork. If you’re here then it’s possible you’ve already read the review for Sushi Go Party (and if not, here it is!) Today, I’m going to teach you how to play the final form of a deluxe sushi feast. Get the chopsticks and soy sauce ready, here we go!


Set the gameboard in the centre of the table. Give each player a colour pawn and place it on or near the zero spot of the points tracker. Next, decide which of the cards you want to use for this game to make up your menu. You will need to choose one of the Rolls, three Appetizers, two Specials, and a Dessert. Place the corresponding tiles into the relevant spots on the board. At this step, you can include whichever combination you would like. To help, you can take one of the suggested menus on pages three and four of the rulebook, including the original menu from Sushi Go. You can even pick at random to create whole new menus to see how it plays out. The world is your oyster (although oysters aren’t on the menu.) There are a couple of restrictions – you cannot use Menu and Special Order in a 7 or 8 player game. And you cannot use the Spoon and Edamame cards cannot in a two-player game.

Take the Dessert cards. Give them a shuffle and place them into a face-down pile to one side of the board. Take the remaining cards and shuffle them together to create the draw deck and put it to one side.


Sushi Go Party happens over three rounds. But before each round starts, you need to include Dessert cards. In a two-to-five-player game, add five Dessert cards in round 1, three in round 2, and just two in round 3. For six to eight players, shuffle in seven in round 1, five in round 2, and three in the final round. Next, deal out cards based on the player count as follows:

2-3: 10 cards

4-5: 9 cards

6-7: 8 cards

8: 7 cards

Leave the remaining cards facedown next to the board and keep your hands secret. Now you’re ready to play.

Each player will simultaneously select one card from their hand and place it face down in front of them. Once all players have selected a card, reveal it together. If the card has a special action, like a Menu, that says “Use when played,” all players trigger that effect. Some cards like Chopsticks or the Spoon have an effect that allows you to activate them on a turn after it was originally played. If you are using this bonus action, you must call out the card and action as players are revealing. Any effects will affect the hand you currently have, not the one you are about to gain. Some bonus actions may trigger at the same time. If this happens, resolve the cards by looking at the small number in the bottom right of the card and going from the lowest to the biggest.

Once you have revealed all the cards, and bonus actions triggered, pass your hand to the player on your left and pick up the hand passed to you.  Play continues until you have played all of your cards, including the last card passed to you by the friend sat to your right. Once you have revealed every card, move all your Dessert cards to one side. These will score after the final round. Then, score every card you have played this round - moving your pawn along the track. Finally, reshuffle all cards back into the deck except for the played Dessert cards. Make sure to include the new Dessert cards from the pile. Play two more rounds and at the end of the third round, score your Desserts as well. Whoever has the most points is the winner. If there is a tie, the person with the most Dessert cards wins.

And that’s how you play Sushi Go Party! Have fun gaming and let me know how you get on!