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Great Games for Two players


Do you need a game for you and your partner to play on your date night? Perhaps you want to relax and play a game with a friend? Either way, i’ve compiled a list of my favourite games for Two Players. These games are not all strictly two player games but, some of them i think work great or even better as two player than if you played them at their max player limit. I play board games the majority of the time with my partner, and the games that are listed on this blog are the ones we find ourselves reaching for more often.

Sky Team

Sky Team is a co-operative Two player game, one player taking the role of the pilot and the other the co-pilot. The roles have differentiating responsibilities but level in importance. During rounds the players cannot communicate with eachother and have to silently place their dice to the corresponding places on their cockpit to ensure the plane lands safely. The variation of different airports, difficulties and unique playpoints create an exciting gameplay that is different everytime. Though you are in silence, our game often is full with tense tapping, wincing at the other players' moves, knowing we are about to crash the plane. It is a fun packed game that will have you in fits of laughter or if not a moment of peace.

One Deck Dungeon

I love One Deck Dungeon. It’s a very simple 1-2 player dungeon crawl which is different every time you play. It can be made into a campaign game, choose your character and beat the Boss’ and you’ll gain points which give you special abilities. It’s hours of fun in such a small box. You build up a set of dice which is used to help you fight the Monsters and get through treacherous challenges. It is another co-operative game which I love for a night where you don’t feel like getting beaten by your opponent for the fifth time in a row (has never happened to me). It’s a very gripping game and leaves you wanting more. I haven’t yet tried the expansions, though i’ve heard great things.


Now if you’ve seen my other blog, it won’t be a surprise how much I’m into unmatched. It is a combat game where you play as famous/ significant characters in history, stories and legends. This is a game that can be played up to four players, though I find two player is preferable for the ultimate battle. With two player, the tricks of the characters come into play a lot more and for me provides a more interesting game. Each character in Unmatched has their own deck of cards, special abilities and most have sidekicks. This game is fun yet strategic but not too heavy. The rules are simple to learn, and can be applied for all characters. I have been patiently awaiting the new ‘Slings and Arrows’ set to come on Zatu. Hamlet and I would make a force to be reckoned with. Thou will not touch thee.

Century Golem Edition

Now this also would apply to normal Century sets, However I much prefer the Golem edition for a bit of extra character. Century Golem edition is a light engine building game about trading crystals to serve golems. You build your hand of cards and set up combos, filling out your hand from a communal marketplace. It is Two- Five players, though i find a head to head battle in this game more exciting, a fast pace race to get the most victory points to win. The added fun of two players is that you end up picking what your opponent needs a bit more, undercutting them directly to get to the finish line.

Sleeping Gods

Sleeping Gods is a storybook campaign game. You sail the ocean and discover quests and challenges in lands. It comes with an atlas so you can choose the destination you want to sail to, some destinations highlighted in quests cards you earn. You can have four people in each players crew, each with different strengths and attack values. Special abilities and weapons can be earned through XP and you can shop at the marketplace for various goods to help you on your journey. It is an eventful sometimes catastrophic game that can be played up to four players. I have tried with four players but found that some players found it to be too long winded this way, much preferring it when only two players were in the game. With two players it becomes almost like a choose your own adventure book. It is really difficult and requires a lot of perseverance. Each campaign can last weeks and you can use all the information you gathered on your next journey. It’s a perfect game for a rainy day if you find you have time, or getting some wine in for your next date night.

Disney Villanous

Maybe my love for Unmatched started with the love I had for Disney Villainous. Though a different play style, if you like Unmatched, and are looking for a light competitive game, you are bound to like Villainous. Now i have Disney Villainous ‘The worst takes all’, in which you play as your favourite Disney villains, each having their own deck to aim to complete your mission on your own character board before your opponent. You move around your board to have certain actions, some actions allowing you to play cards from your opponents hero deck, meddling with their evil plans and feeding in to your own. For example, Prince John has the simple sounding task of filling his pocket with gold and reaching certain money requirements to win, whereas Malificent has to curse all four lands on her board to win. It is 2-6 players, but again if you are looking for a competitive battle with mischievous tactics, then it is all of that for two players.

These are just a few of my favourite Two player games, but there are a lot more that i could mention and many more that I haven’t had the chance to play yet. I want to give a special mention to ‘Sagrada’, ‘Radlands’ and ‘The fox in the forest’, which are all excellent two player games as well. This list is subject to change and i would ask no one holds me to this in a few months time when my student loan comes in. Thank you for your understanding.