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News – Game of Phones gets a Reboot through Kickstarter

Game of Phones Returns on Kickstarter

One ringtone to rule them all (sorry, wrong franchise)!! Five years ago, Luke Stern and Sam Wander decided to take advantage of the phenomena of everyone looking at their phone all the time and turn this fact of life into a card-based puzzle/social/treasure hunt game called Game of Phones and put it out on Kickstarter. The campaign was a roaring success as a less divisive alternative to Cards Against Humanity and an opportunity to have a good laugh at the sort of rubbish everyone has on their phones.

Five years on, people are still looking at their (slightly different) phones all the time, so Luke and Sam have decided to relaunch a new and improved Game of Phones on Kickstarter. It has something old, something new and something for the reluctant sharers amongst us.

What We Know

In the original Game of Phones, players would take cards from the deck that would give them four types of challenges.

  • Like Challenges - Players would have to find or take a particular kind of photo on their phone and the person who drew the card would judge who the winner was.
  • Unfollow - Player’s photo entries would be eliminated until only one remained.
  • Download - Players would race to complete a challenge on their phones i.e. post a dog picture to their maiden aunt and get a response.
  • Upgrade - Everyone would have to work together to complete a group challenge.

Good clean fun. Ish.

The brand-new edition of Game of Phones will include:

  • An all-new 100-card starter pack.
  • A 50-card classic pack of reworked cards from the original release.
  • A 50-card offline pack for those who don’t trust the government not to watch every move. Optionally, people who’ve run out of data.

Game of Phones - Back Today

The new version of Game of Phones is live on Kickstarter. Currently, with five days remaining, the game has raised just over £7500. The goal for the campaign is £8019. If you're interested in making a pledge, head over to the Kickstarter page.

The new edition of the game is expected to ship in November.