Fugitive Card Game Review

Sometime last week I came across a post on social media that asked, ‘What great games can be played in a lunch break?’. This post had a huge selection of games posted and I wanted to add my review on a game that fits this bill perfectly. The game is Fugitive - a Kickstarter funded game by Tim Fowers.

Fugitive - The Game

Fugitive is a simple asymmetrical card game for two players, with one playing as the fugitive the other as the marshal. The game's components are of a very high quality and the box it comes in is very net looking and the game has some good art throughout.

In this game once you have decided what role you each will player as, you'll both have different actions and focus for the rest of the game.

The Fugitive Fugitive Review - Inside The Box

The Fugitive plays hide out cards from his hand, face down. Hide out cards are numbered 0 - 42. The fugitive starts the game with cards numbered 01, 02, 03 and 42 in his hand.

All hideout cards also have sprint icons, two icons on even numbered cards and one on odd numbered cards. The fugitive must play his hideout cards in increments of three or less, he can increase this by adding sprint cards if he wishes.

He gets to play one card per turn, trying to make his way to playing card number 42 which is his flight to freedom and victory.

The marshal

On their turn, you get to draw a card then try to guess the number(s) on the face down hideout card. The more cards drawn and revealed the less guess work involved.

Final Thoughts

This a is a very fun, light filler game that is easy to learn, play and set up. Fugitive is easily the perfect lunchtime game where two people can get a round of each role in and as it’s a very small box its easily transportable.

The great components and art really add to this and I suggest that anyone tight on time should own a copy - I would play again that's for sure.

Zatu Games Rating - 70/100

The Good

  • The game plays in around 10 minutes, so great lunchtime
    filler for two players.
  • It's fun, easy to learn and teach. Both sides play completely different so if you get fed up of being the chased you can
    switch roles and become the chaser.
  • The box is great looking and the art work on the cards is awesome.
  • The addition of the wipe clean board and marker are
    essential for those with a poor memory.

The Bad

  • Could be a little too math-focused for some people.
  • Early game the marshal is just using pure guesswork, if they guess right the fugitive is under pressure, guess wrong and
    the fugitive has breathing space.