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From Miniatures to Media: The Warhammer House of Fantasy Horrors


Last year, Games Workshop announced that it would be bringing Inquisitor Eisenhorn to life on the small screen; recently, it was announced that there would be an animated Death Angels series. It looks like Warhammer are not just gunning for the hobbyists. Their sights are set media moghuldom, with another series tentatively rumoured to be in the works

As part of an extended piece from Games Workshop about the Warhammer Media ident and the creation of this powered media arm of Games Workshop, Adam Smillie, head of the aforementioned department, made some fairly clear but equally vague comments about what might be happening at WMHQ: “We’re animating Angels of Death, developing Eisenhorn for live-action, and have just put pen to paper on a 40K anthology show. Actually, don’t quote me on that last one—it’s not announced yet.” Yes, about that…

Going on from this ‘blunder’, he went on to say some more about the reason for the Warhammer branding. “We really wanted a Warhammer ident so that, when people are watching one of our shows, they’ll know that what they’re seeing is part of the Warhammer brand. It’s a mark of quality, if you will, something to tie what you see on your screen to the Warhammer hobby and to Games Workshop.”

What the anthology will look like remains to be seen. But the prospect of seeing the WH40K universe from the perspective of the the Eldar, Orks or even some of the more colourful elements of the hordes of chaos (let’s face it: anything involving the Slaaneshi is going to be severely NSFW) is an exciting one and, depending on its reception, opens the door of board and war  gaming to a larger, board-curious audience.

We’re gonna need a bigger table.

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