Friday Night Magic
On Friday 9th August we are hosting our first ever evening of Booster Draft - Core 2020 at our Board Game Cafe. This is not an evening to be missed. If you want to join us then sign up below, we look forward to seeing you there!

Sign up and join us!


The Friday Night Magic event will take place on Friday 9th August, from 18:30 - 22:30. Entry costs £12. Everyone will receive 3x Booster packs, as well as a variety of snacks included in the entry price.

This event will be held at Zatu Board Game Cafe, which can be found:
Bowthorpe Main Centre, Unit 15, Norwich, NR5 9HA

There is free parking at the rear of the shop.

If you would like to attend you must sign up using the form above. Payment will be required on arrival to the store.

magic gathering pic