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Friday News: Kickstarter and a Thor Exclusive

Friday News - Path of Light & Shadow

In the first bit of of our Friday News round-up, we have a Kickstarter update. Indie Boards and Cards have announced their new project, The Path of Light and Shadows, coming in May. The Path of Light and Shadows is an empire-building, area control and deck management game where players take the roles of four great houses of The Realms who battle to regain control of their lands from the Tyrant Queen. They need to enlist and promote supporters, arm their armies with powerful technologies, align themselves with leaders and lay siege to rival exiles who are after the throne.

Warforged: First Contact 

Warforged: First Contact, a new Kickstarter, is a sci-fi miniatures board game where the human players are looking to infiltrate into an alien enemy stronghold. The further they blast their way in, the tougher their enemy becomes.

A classic ‘Man vs Alien’ skirmish-level exploration game, Warforged: First Contact, is for two or more players that will include, unique command cards, a wide selection of friends and enemies, traps, alien conditions and reinforcements that will shift the odds throughout the game. The game will enable you to complete objectives to try and repel the alien enemy who are trying to hold their own - Victory is rarely assured only the roll of the dice will tell if you succeed!

Dice Masters Thor Expansion

Running off the back of the teaser trailer release of Thor: Ragnarok, Dice Masters are celebrating with the announcement that the God of Thunder himself will get his very own expansion in the Marvel Dice Masters series. The Thor expansion will be heavily influenced by the One-Worthy-Of-Mijolnir as can be imagined but the game will also feature character and action cards including dice that will be based on other villains and heroes. 

There will be over 30 characters featured in the game, including fellow Avengers Iron Man, Spiderman and The Hulk. The Thor expansion will have tournament and random booster packs that will work with the standard Marvel Dice Masters.

The new expansion will be perfectly released in October, just ahead of the movie, Thor: Ragnarok, in November.

Look our this week's edition of the Warp Tunnel on our YouTube Channel for more exciting industry news!