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    Adam Chivers
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    On our breaks at work a few of us are playing board games. Recently a whole lot more of my colleagues want to be able to play too so am looking for some games that take more players like King of Tokyo and Resistance: Avalon. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, dont worry about play time as we just leave it set up till our next break.


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    Recently bought Decrypto. 2 teams playing against each other. Only had a couple of games, but it’s pretty good fun. It’s not hugely expensive either.


    Adam Chivers
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    Oo decrypto. Yeh I’ve seen that one. Nice shout 👍


    Nick Welford
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    Just One is a great party game!


    Ben Herbert
    Zatu Blogger
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    We enjoyed playing Team 3 recently. It’s a cooperative game until you reach six players when it is best as team competitive. You can buy a second set (both have their own mini-expansion) to go up to 12 players. It also doubles up as a team-building exercise.

    One player has a picture of an object that needs to be built out of blocks. They must tell the second person what to do but can only mime. The second person can speak and must tell the third person what the first person is miming. The third person is building the object…but has their eyes closed.

    I bought it on a whim and figured it would either be great fun or £25 down the drain. Luckily it was great fun and all the people who were put off by the idea of it wanted to play it again.


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    I have a game group of at least 6 but often 10 players of mixed ages (10 – 71 years) although teens dominate the mix. Now the youngest two have earned their place at game night I have to cater for a mix of abilities and interests but they all much prefer playing as one big group in the evenings.  So a really different demographic I know, and there are a couple that I haven’t put on the table yet while we work out the change in dynamics, but just in case it helps:

    Sheriff of Nottingham is a hands down across the board winner for us. At the moment the youngest double as one player but I’ve just got Merry Men so we can add a sixth player.

    The Resistance (5 – 10 players) is an absolute favourite and we’re branching out with some of the expansions to mix it up a bit.

    Camelup goes down well for a bit of lightheartedness and the supercup expansion takes it from 8 to 10 players.

    Also on the shelves off the top of my head are Coup (2 – 6 players), one night werewolf with one night werewolf daybreak can play up to 10 players, spyfall (3- 8 players), captain sonar (2- 8 players), Deception Murder in Hong Kong (4 – 12 players).

    Codenames bombed with us (the age range was an issue) but goes down well with another mixed age group (a family) of six that I buy for/play with. Love letter premium (2 – 8 players) was not well received but I suspect that was timing with the teens so I shall try again in a few months.




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    I mean a couple of games that I haven’t put on the table yet, while we work out the change in player dynamics. I can’t figure out how to edit my post though.

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