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Fire Tower – New to Kickstarter

Fire Tower - New to Kickstarter

There are a few firefighting games out there, usually co-operative affairs where you are trying to put the fire out. Fire Tower is a game where you are actively trying to drive the fire towards your opponents while keeping it away from you.

Fire Tower

Fire Tower comes with a board, a huge number of fire gems, some wooden tokens and a spinner. The spinner is being changed into an eight-sided die for the Kickstarter. Each player takes a corner of the board where their fire tower is located. Every player gets a water bucket card placed face up in front of them and five other cards into their hand. Cards come in four types: Grey cards let you change the wind direction, blue cards let you put parts of the fire out, red cards let you enlarge the fire in specific directions, and purple cards let you place purple blocking tokens onto the board.

On your turn the fire spreads, meaning you place a fire gem on the edge of the fire according to the spinner/dice. You have free choosing as to which point along that edge you place on. Then you either play a card from your hand and take the action, or discard some cards and draw back up to five. If you have played a card you get to draw back up too.

Fire Starter

I had the pleasure of playing Fire Tower and it's a blast. The board blows up in an orange gem explosion of danger. While this is in no way a strategic game you do have to tactically react to the fire and your opponents. Every time we played it we had a lot of fun trying to smoke each other out.

The components are great even at this stage and really make the game stand out on the table. While it works well at two players, the game shines at three and four players. All in all this is a strong debut game and one you should definitely check out.

Fire Tower went live on Kickstarter yesterday (April 24) and was funded in under two hours. The game is being published by Runaway Parade Games, which is run by Samual Bryant and Gwen Ruelle. Fire Tower also features watercolour designs by artist Kevin Ruelle. 

At the time of writing, 352 backers have helped raise £13,742 - with the original goal being set at £5,721. There are 29 days left on this project so check it out today!

Nick can also be found at Board, Deck & Dice