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News – Arkham Horror: Final Hour Revealed

Final Hour - Arkham Horror Reveal

Arkham Horror has established itself as a prestigious name within tabletop gaming. Much progress and evolution has occurred since the original game’s launch in 1987. What was originally the Call of Cthulhu board game has spawned two new editions along with a living card game. The franchise also received a spin-off in 2013, Eldritch Horror, that focuses on neutralising Ancient Ones on a global scale. Fantasy Flight Games wasted no time this August with the announcement of Arkham Horror: Final Hour. 

Final Hour - What We Know

Developed by company newcomer Carlo A. Rossi, the game aims to compress the Arkham Horror experience in under 60 minutes for 1-4 players. This is quite the task; the Third Edition of Arkham Horror can take 2-3 hours minimum to complete. Arkham Horror: The Card Game condenses the game to allow for sub-two hour sessions. However, The Final Hour further compacts the series experience for those horrified by longer game sessions.

The Final Hour retains the atmospheric Lovecraftian 1920’s setting of its sister games. The game focuses on being a co-operative adventure involving combat and investigation. Players must investigate buildings for clues while overcoming threatening monsters.

Your overall goal is to banish the game’s Ancient One by deducing which components are necessary to perform the required ritual.

Each player chooses from one of six character decks; each card within has two separate abilities. Players choose between either the first or the second ability, with two choosing each in a four-player game. The first ability encourages combat or movement, while the second incentivises investigation with significant drawbacks. 

Players keep a hand of cards with the purpose of prioritising your own abilities over those of other players. These priority cards also double as the symbols required to perform a ritual and achieve victory. As you investigate, you’ll confirm which symbols are needed to complete the ritual.

The game should prove to be suitable for most playgroups thanks to the simplified ability structure. The decision space has been restricted compared to previous entries for easier accessibility. The shorter game time is undoubtedly going to be a selling point also. 

Coming Soon

Fantasy Flight had previously created Elder Sign, a lighter dice-rolling game based in the Arkham Horror universe, in 2013. It will be interesting to observe how the two games compare as Lovecraftian gateway games. Will Final Hour prove to be the best entry point into the franchise? Time will tell.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour is now available to pre-order at Zatu Games! Get your order in today to avoid disappointment.