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Final Fantasy VII Remake And Chocobo’s Dungeon Coming Soon

Final Fantasy VII Remake And Chocobo's Dungeon Coming Soon

If you, like me, love Final Fantasy VII and have always wanted to play as Cloud and co. in a board game, then this may be the chance you have been looking for. As well as the main protagonist's Cloud, Barrett and Tifa, fans will surely have their fingers crossed for some cult favourites such as Cait Sith, Biggs & Wedge, Jessie and Red XIII as playable characters too.

There is not a massive amount of news on the games apart from the fact that there was a banner at Essen Spiel 2022 reading "Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Original Board Game, Coming Soon". What it means by "original" one can only guess but, hopefully, it will be better than some of the previous efforts Square Enix has made at producing board game content. The only well-received game is the Final Fantasy trading card game which came out in 2011.

In those 11 years we can only hope that they have learnt from their previous mistakes and give us FFVII fans a game that will quench our thirst and include plenty of nods to the video game without being boring or poorly produced. There is a huge amount of mechanics or gameplay ideas that could be applied to the IP. If Square Enix pours as much love and devotion into the board game as they do the actual Final Fantasy VII remake, then we could be in for something truly special.

The other game on show by Square Enix was Chocobo's Dungeon whose poster shows that it will be released in 2023. This is due to be based on the well-known video game series featuring the hugely popular bird creatures from Final Fantasy. The Chocobo is a really well-known mascot for the game and the image alone will surely sell some games. From the video game series we can assume that this will be some form of enemy battler, maybe a tower defence style game which could be really fun too.

Either way, we can all start to get excited at the prospect of 2 new Final Fantasy board games, surely one of them will satiate our appetites for a great FFVII board game...I hope.