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Fifa 17 Updated Information

Since its initial reveal last month there has been plenty of news and updates for FIFA 17. To bring you up-to-date here is everything that you need to know so far.

The main slogan for this year's installment is that 'Football Has Changed' and from what we know at this point it seems that FIFA 17 will have plenty of fresh introductions - which is nice given that we haven't had any major changes for a few years.

The changes begin on the case with Lionel Messi being replaced by four of the world's top footballers - Eden Hazard, Antony Martial, James Rodriguez and Marco Reus.

The game will also look significantly different thanks to Electronic Arts (EA) switching the game's engine to Frostbite, which is the same engine used on Battlefield and Need For Speed.

They were the two major revelations during the unveil but now we have been treated to more entertaining news about the game.

Journey Mode

The huge new feature in FIFA 17 is the story mode, otherwise known as The Journey! Now this is something that we are very excited about here at Zatu Games!

The Journey will see players take on the role of Alex Hunter, who is starting his football career. At the very start of the story you will choose a club for Hunter to join as he begins life in the world of professional football.

This is basically your chance to live the life of a footballer. Every action you make on the pitch will have an effect on Hunter's story. Between each game there will be scenes from life off the pitch - such as meetings with your manager and post-match interviews.

The answers you give in press conferences and the way you play in matches will affect what happens next in the game. Will you impress your manager? Or will you be dropped to the bench or sent out on loan?

The second character in The Journey is Gareth Walker. Walker plays Hunter's friend and teammate and will become his main rival throughout his football career.

Players will earn 'Trait Points' as they progress which can be used to improve Hunter's attributes as a player. There are 15 areas that can be improved including shooting, passing, defending and dribbling.

A number of Premier League players have been used as voice actors for the game and will pop out throughout Hunter's career. Premier League managers also appear on the game for the first time.

It is certainly a risk going down this route, given that similar modes in WWE and NBA games haven't always been given a positive response. At this point though it does look like a great addition to the series and we are very excited to get our hands on it.

Japanese League 

FIFA 17 will include the main league in Japan - the Meiki Yasuda J1 League. This may not seem like a big deal at first but is actually a huge coup for EA.

This is because up until now the J1 League was exclusively on the Pro Evolution Soccer gaming franchise. Taking anything away from your main rivals is always a big deal!

All 18 clubs will be on the game, including teams such as FC Tokyo, Urawa Reds and Sagan Tosu. The Suita City Football Stadium has also been added to the game, as are all of the authentic kits, logos and players.

New Set-Pieces

Free-Kicks have been revamped for FIFA 17. New mechanics allow gamers to move their player around in front of the ball - which means the outside of the foot strike is now an option.

The camera now stays behind the player so that you can improve your aim and the trajectory of the strike.

The way you take penalties has also been changed thanks to a new kicking mechanic. You can also change the way you run-up to take the penalty. Players can approach the ball slowly or by curving their run to try a trick the goalkeeper.

Corners also allow you to place the ball exactly where you wanted it to land thanks to an aiming reticule. You can also switch to the receiving player like you can can during throw-ins on FIFA 16.

FIFA 17 Release Date

FIFA 17 is due for release on September 29 and will be available on all of the major consoles and PC. EA have announced that The Journey will not be included on the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions.

Gamers will also be able to purchase a standard and Deluxe edition of the game. The latter includes the following features:

  • 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
  • 3-Match FUT Team of the Week  loan player
  • 8-Match FUT loan item of Hazard, Martial, Reus or Rodriguez
  • Custom FUT Kits created by designers or FIFA soundtrack artists

Keep checking our blog for all the latest news surrounding FIFA 17 as we edge ever closer to its release date.

*Photo Credit – EA Sports

UPDATE: This product is no longer available to purchase from Zatu Games. All information above including prices were correct at the time of publishing but may not be accurate in present day.