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Far Cry 6 Preview

far cry 6 preview feature

Far Cry is a long-standing franchise that has been going since 2004. It is a series that I have enjoyed a lot. With the latest gameplay reveal for Far Cry 6, my excitement has increased even further. 

Getting Reacquainted with Far Cry

The Far Cry games all have a similar feeling DNA running through. There is some overarching story, a nefarious villain to take down, outposts to conquer and liberate and guns to find, craft and upgrade all set in a gorgeous open world. With the Far Cry games, you know what you are getting! If you like that style of game, they will rarely disappoint. 

Far Cry 6 is set on a fictional Caribbean island of Yara which is ruled as a dictatorship by "El Presidente" Antón Castillo. Players take on the role of Dani Rojas, playable as a male or female character. Dani is a guerilla fighter attempting to take down Anton and his regime. 

What to Expect

The latest gameplay videos look stunning. They offer some glimpses into the type of things you will be doing in Far Cry 6. One of the things I am looking forward to is the sense of verticality in the game. Previous Far Cry games have pretty much been ground-based. Far Cry 6 has a whole city to explore both on the ground and vertically. I can see some cool parkour actions, running over rooftops and jumping from buildings to buildings. Another, seemingly insignificant feature is the ability to holster your weapon so that you do not get hounded by the enemies. As well as vintage cars, motorbikes with sidecars and tanks, you can ride horses to travel the vast open world of Yara. 

Another fun detail is that some quests/missions are not displayed with standard icons on a map, but a photo. You must use this photo to track and hunt down the mission. It's a bit like a treasure hunt (ala Red Dead Redemption 2). You equip gear to your character which adds perks to your skills. Equip goggles to be a mean sharpshooter, body armour to become a tank. There are also a host of crazy weapons to discover like jet packs that fire rockets and weapons that fire compact discs. Guns for Hire seen in the previous Far Cry are back but called Amigos and are in the animal form. A cute dog in a wheelchair and a jacket-wearing crocodile who is more effective in lakes and swamp areas and will rip your enemy to shreds. 

Initial Thoughts

I don't think Far Cry 6 is not going to reinvent the open-world genre. I do think that it is going to be a lot of fun exploring and fighting your way through Yara. There are a lot of little twists on the standard formula. All of which are looking to shape this game into one that I am very excited to get my hands on and play. Crazy weapons, tons of vehicles, vertical exploration and a bucket load of explosions. I can’t wait. Far Cry 6 is planned to be released on October 7th 2021.