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Fallout Wasteland Warefare Super Mutants Centaurs Review


The Call of the Wasteland

With the release of Amazon Prime's new Fallout TV adaptation, my appetite for post-apocalyptic miniatures in Fallout's Wasteland was at an all-time high. Once I saw the Super Mutants Centaurs for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, I knew they were going to be my best shot at scratching that itch - at least while I waited for the TV show tie-in box featuring The Ghoul, Maximus, Lucy andCX404 from the show.

These gribbly monstrosities were a common enemy in Fallout 3, which I remember fondly as my first step (and Bethesda's) into the retrofuturistic nuclear wasteland of the Fallout series. So as hideous as they are, they hold a dear place in my heart. But enough nostalgia, let's take a look at the box.

First Impressions

Here's one of the baggies from the box laid out. Each resin miniature comes on a set of sprues which are bundled together into baggies. The most unique part of these miniatures is that they come with a pre-sculpted and textured base unique to the miniature that stands on it.

For this pair of Centaur sculpts, I noticed on the box art that the freakish six-arm-legged centaur I recognized from Fallout 3 was there, but the other sculpt was an oddity I hadn't seen before. After some research I found out that the four-faced monster was a recreation of an alternate design by Bethesda for the Super Mutants Centaurs that never made it into Fallout 4. This is a great little easter egg for fans and I appreciated it for the variety it brought to the box.

To the Workbench!

With the sprues laid out, it can be a little daunting. But I put on the show and got to work, removing all the little tabs and the marks they leave behind when you clip the piece from the sprue. This was time consuming but satisfying, and the resin casts were good quality compared to other resin miniatures on the market. This might not be the easiest modelling project for a new starter, but people with experience of Warhammer 40k or Star Wars Legion miniatures should slip into the rhythm of cleaning up the resin sprues easily enough. My one complaint was the large tab on the base. This connects to the base via the angled rim, which makes it very difficult to clean up in a way that looks smooth. This is something Modiphius improve on in some of the later sets I got at the same time. Another minor issue with one piece of the kit was this odd resin fuzz, which I easily dispatched with a stiff brush, but overall I was very pleased with the kit.

Making it Pop

With the miniatures built and prepped for painting, I dived in and tried to get a pinkish-purple looking skintone. Painting the miniatures was great fun, and the textures of the various organic sections made it easy to make the models look interesting. It was a joy to be able to just throw a few paints on the base and call it done instead of messing around with texture pastes or glue and sand. Here they are in all their glory!

The Game is Afoot

As with all creative works, it's hard to walk away and call it done, so I'm sure I'll keep fiddling with it until Season 2 of the Fallout TV show is out, and hopefully these gribbly fellas will make an appearance! In the meantime, I have played a few demo games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and found it to be a lot easier to pick up than I expected. I'm keen to get more games in which for me is always the part that motivates me to paint more, so I see more Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures in my future!


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