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News – Evil Dead 2: The Board Game rises from the dead!

Evil Dead 2 Returns to Kickstarter

Jasco Games, in collaboration with Lynnvander Studios, have announced a brand-new Kickstarter campaign for Evil Dead 2: The Board Game.

Evil Dead 2 Disaster

Originally, Evil Dead 2 was launched on Kickstarter by Space Goat Productions in 2017. Of course, as we all know, that campaign turned into a disaster. It began well enough. The campaign was successful, gathering over $700,000 from over 6000 backers. However, those backers never received a copy of the game.

Space Goat Productions, for various reasons, announced to backers that they will not receive a copy of the game, nor a refund, and that there was nothing that could be done about it. Considering people had spent hundreds of dollars adding extras to their pledge, it was all doom and gloom for those who backed the original game…..until now!

New Hope

Step in Jasco Games! Jasco have negotiated and obtained the IP from Space Goat Productions. They have just released their Kickstarter campaign for Evil Dead 2!

They make a point that this Evil Dead 2 board game has been redesigned from the bottom up by Jasco and Lynnvander Studios. Unfortunately, they cannot promise the same extras that were advertised from the original campaign. Crucially, and perhaps more importantly, however, they have done something amazing. While having no relation to the first failed project, they have promised that every single backer from the original campaign will receive a FREE copy of the new Evil Dead 2 Board Game, if the campaign is successfully funded!

It is great to see Jasco working to deliver a game to those unlucky backers from the original campaign and will definitely win them some kudos within the community. While the IP has been tainted by the issues of Space Goat Productions, I am hoping this new campaign will deliver a great game!

The date given for delivery on the campaign page is April 2020. At the time of writing, (August 23), the game has reached the £34,000 mark. The total goal for the campaign is £159,410. There are 21 days remaining to make a pledge.