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Top 5 Most Anticipated Expansions for Essen 2018

Top 5 Essen 2018 Expansion Releases

Expansions can be a great addition to your game collection, that bring new life to the games you already own, without taking up too much extra shelf space. If, like us, your shelves are already groaning and you really shouldn’t be buying a whole stack of new games at Essen, or in the following months, then this list of our Top 5 expansions debuting at Essen might be a good place to start!

There are approximately 175 new expansions releasing at Essen, so we’ve also cheated and added some information about the big new expansions that we don’t need, but that we predict will be hot items at the convention.

Most Anticipated Expansion at Essen 2018

  1. Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake - This is an expansion to the amazing real time co-operative game; Kitchen Rush. We don’t want to boast, but we’ve got pretty good at playing the Kitchen Rush base game with two players and we are looking forward to adding something new to rest the difficulty and make the game more chaotic again! We can’t wait to play more Kitchen Rush with this new expansion and enjoy the new challenges!
  2. Fog of Love: It Will Never Last, Paranormal Romance and Trouble with the In-Laws - Three new scenarios for Fog of Love. We’re excited for the prospect of getting Fog of Love back to the table after storing it when we finished the base game scenarios. Fog of Love is the closest we’ll ever get to enjoying playing a role playing game together and we can’t wait to get involved in the drama of these new scenarios!
  3. Albedo Space Pirates - An expansion to Albedo – a game from small independent publisher, Kai Hebertz. We met Kai at the UK Games Expo this year and have really enjoyed Albedo which is a unique, space-themed, deck-building game. Kai succeeded in funding the expansion, Space Pirates, on Kickstarter earlier this year and we’re excited to add our copy to the game.
  4. Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains - This expands Whistle Stop – one of our favourite, light pick up and deliver games from last year. Rocky Mountains adds a new mountain terrain to the board which will make it more challenging and rewarding to travel by certain routes. It sounds like this expansion will add some complexity and variety to the game, which should be great for gamers. We’re excited for this expansion to bring Whistle Stop back onto our table.
  5. Terraforming Mars: The Colonies - The fourth expansion for Terraforming Mars. Quite frankly, the expansions for this game are coming thick and fast and we’ve not even played the latest expansion, Prelude. However, since Terraforming Mars is Fi’s favourite game, we have to pick up the new expansion and one day we’ll get the chance to play it!

Other Top Expansions

When we add an expansion to a game, it’s generally because it’s a top 20 game for us, or because we feel that it needs an expansion to bring it back to our table. There is a huge crop of expansions coming to Essen this year for games we own, but that we haven’t played enough of yet.

In particular there are expansions for some big evergreen titles, which will be surely be very exciting for their many fans. If you’re heading to Essen, then check out this list of hot expansions to see if there’s any must-haves for your favourite games:

  • A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians.
  • Flamme Rouge: Meteo.
  • Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas.
  • Great Western Trail: Rails to the North.
  • Santa Maria: American Kingdoms.
  • Caverna: The Forgotten Folk.
  • 7 Wonders: Armada.