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EGX – Our Blockbuster Picks – Part 2

Following on from part one of our look at the biggest blockbuster games which will be available to play at this year's EGX convention in Birmingham! The games included in part one were selected by Andreas - but now its my turn to show-off the games that I'm most looking forward to getting my hands on!

As you will probably tell by reading through my list, our gaming interests differ quite a bit. That being said, all of the blockbuster games that will be on show in Birmingham are worth taking a look at.

Here's my top five games EGX games:

Gran Turismo Sport 

The finished product may have been delayed for the foreseeable future but a version of the latest installment of the long-running Gran Turismo series will be available to play at the EGX conference.

This game is going to be a big deal... a very big deal! Gran Turismo games have always been associated with stunning graphics - so just imagine what this game is going to look like in 4K on the PlayStation Pro.

Sport will feature hundreds of vehicles that you can take for a spin, including the very latest road cars and all of the racing cars that you could possibly dream of!

The big difference between this and any other GT game? Well that would be sport mode - online and offline! Thanks to a partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile - or FIA as we all know it as - you can compete in two difference championships certified by the governing body.

GT Sport Live will see top players from around the globe compete just like a real motorsport championship! Races are hosted on a weekend and are broadcast live across the network - with live commentary! How amazing does this sound!?

WWE 2K17

Another year, another WWE wrestling game - but that's not always a bad thing! WWE is still as popular today as it has ever been, even if its target audience had changed from teenagers and adults to children!

The promotion for this year's instalment, named 2K17 of course, features two wrestling wrestling heavyweights! The front cover sees Brock Lesnar, who some of you may know from UFC, looking as intimidating as ever! Seriously, you wouldn't want to face this guy even if it is scripted - just ask Randy Orton! The other main superstar used in the promotion is Bill Goldberg - a legend in both WCW and WWE.

New features include being able to take the action into the crowd and backstage! This is something that has been wanted by the game's community, including myself, for many years and 2K Games have responded. Going backstage was one of the best things about the older games on PS2!

2K Games have also promised that they have "shifted the gameplay experience focus from an arcade-centric, fighting game style to simulation-based gameplay." Now 2K16 was quite tricky to get the hang of so I'm looking forward to seeing first hand just how the feel of this game has changed!

Showcase Mode is gone this year but Universe Mode and MyCareer make a welcome return. We are being promised a more in-depth version of both game modes - including a new promo engine and interview brawls!

Motorsport Manager

Motorsport fans! It looks like we finally have a complete management sim game heading our way. Players of Motorsport Manager will feel the thrill of race day in a whole new way. They must manage every aspect of their own team, making real-time decisions and changing strategies throughout each race. A decision made by you on the pit wall could make all the difference out on the track - it's just like watching Formula One!

As the team boss it is up to you which drivers you hire - and fire - as well as all of your mechanics, managers, engineers and other members of the crew! You will have your own base which you will need to keep an eye on! Over the years who will grow bigger, well that's the plan, and your level of expertise will increase. You will need to know your stuff as every aspect of your race car will need to be worked on throughout the season. Assign your mechanics and engineers to make the right changes and improve your engine and aerodynamics.

Once your car has been prepared you can sit back and watch as your drivers do their best to win the race and score as many points as possible! Try to relax if you can!

Avicii Vector

Something a little bit different for all you music fans! Vector has been developed alongside Swedish producer Avicii and is first and foremost a multiplayer music game - although there will be a single-player mode as well!

The game has been promoted with the idea that Avicii Vector is a "fusion between gameplay, graphics and music." The video and screenshots released so far make the game look very exciting! Throughout all of the cool music being played there is a race to be won and your performances will make changes to the environment and the tunes being played!

This a unique game that I certainly want to try and have a go on at the EGX Convention!

Tekken 7

It's a brand-new Tekken game! Need I say more? The name of this franchise alone is enough to make you want to go out and play this game! Tekken 7 brings the series into a new chapter with the biggest move-set to date in the series!

The new game will feature over 30 characters, including series legends and newcomers alike! One notable name joining the series is Akuma - yes you read that right, Akuma from the Street Fighter series will be in Tekken 7.

The fighting action is the new game will also look amazing thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 power!

Keep checking the Zatu Games blog and social media outlets over the next couple of weeks for all the latest from the EGX Convention!