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EGX 2016 – Indie Games Picks – Part 2

As we continue to build-up to EGX 2016, which gets underway tomorrow, we take our pick of the indie games that will be showcased in the Rezzed Zone throughout the four-day event! These games will be demoed by their developers for you all to see!

Andreas selected his top five picks earlier in the day so now its my turn to take you through my indie game picks for EGX.

Brawlout (Angry Mob Games)

Who doesn't like an all-out action brawler with cool characters? This is what Brawlout brings to the table! From early footage it reminds me of Super Smash Bros... but that's not a bad thing!

The game's animated style looks amazing and each character has been designed around a unique fighting style! In this game you will be able to grapple and dive kick your rivals, along with freezing them, bombing them with projectiles and smashing them with whips! You can be as brutal as you like on your way to victory!

To top it off, all characters can also be evolved and customised throughout the campaign. This will become a great game to play with your friends, either at a party or online!

Gas Guzzlers (Iceberg Interactive)

Cars. Guns. Cars With Guns! This sounds like my kind of game! Get behind the wheel of fast and luxurious racers which are fitted with machine guns! In Gas Guzzlers there are seven environments for you to play with, including 40 tracks and eight arenas!

Catch the on-track bonuses to gain power boosts and weapon upgrades! This is the ultimate form of vehicular warfare! Eliminate your rivals by battering their cars with shells and rockets!

Exciting game modes include team deathmatch and last man standing! Yes, this one is going to become addictive! I can see it already!


Mantis Burn Racing (VooFoo Studios)

Top-down racing action in the bright lights of New Shangri-la and the sand dunes of Sand Town! Mantis Burn Racing looks like one of the most exciting racing games in a long time - almost like a top-down version of Motorstorm.

You get to choose from a long list of vehicles, which can be customised, that each have their own handling and performance traits! Much like Motorstorm, buggies, road racers and huge trucks can all race together on the same track!

When you add the cool RPG-style upgrade system, weekly challenges, a seven-season career mode and eight-player multiplayer it really does look like VooFoo Studios are on to a winner here. As a huge racing game fan I am really excited to have a race or two of my own.

Gang Beasts (Boneloaf)

A multiplayer game which sees gelatinous creatures take part in brutal melee fight sequences in some of the most hazardous environments seen in a game! This is Beef City! Where fighting is a way of life for these weird creatures!

Characters kick, punch and throw each other into machinery, incinerators and industrial fans - this one is not for the faint-hearted! From the video released at E3 it just looks crazy... but we like this here at Zatu Games!

Worms W.M.D (Team 17)

It's the 21st anniversary of Worms and to celebrate Team 17 are releasing a brand new version of the game! That's all you really need to know! If you are at EGX and feel nostalgic, head down to the Rezzed Zone and play some Worms!

Team 17 are promising that this is going to be the "best version of the game yet!" Who are we to argue with that? New backgrounds, new features and amazing HD graphics - Worms W.M.D can bring you hours of fun!

Read part one of our indie game picks to see which top titles Andreas picked out!