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EGX 2016 – The Tournaments

EGX 2016, on top of showcasing a slew of recent and upcoming games, will also play host to two rather sizeable tournaments.

Gfinity’s CS:GO Tournament

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, aside from a string of words that mean so little you can re-order them at will, is currently the second most played game in the world. No surprise, then, that it holds a huge place in the realm of e-sports, a realm which, by the way, generates over $450 million each year.

EGX 2016 will see four of the world’s best CS:GO teams ‘flown in’, presumably on a plane, to compete for a prize pool of $100, 000. The tournament begins on Thursday with a presentation and exhibition match, with the head-to-heads themselves spread across the following three days.

‘Huge’ Street Fighter V Tournament

The latest in a multi-billion-dollar franchise, Street Fighter V gives you a selection of characters from an amateur theatre group caught in a horrific thrift shop explosion and lets you fight them.

Each year, Capcom puts on the Capcom Pro Tour, a year-long event pitting the very best Street Fighter players against one another to score a place in the Capcom Cup at the end of the year. Although recent Street Fighter V DLC was met with criticisms of overpricing, Capcom have revealed that around 80% of the revenue goes either to the prize pool or budget for the Capcom Cup, making this year’s the biggest ever.

EGX 2016 is down to host a CPT premier tournament, the winner of which will instantly qualify for this year’s cup final. Players that place in the top 16 will earn CPT points, edging them closer to the same goal. Participants will number 384, which is the sum of a twin prime and could therefore summon an Elder God.

The ‘huge’ tournament kicks off on Friday.

EGX 2016

These two tournaments are just a small part of EGX 2016! The conference also gives you a chance to play some of the biggest upcoming blockbuster video games, indie games and board games! There will also be a chance to meet people involved within the gaming industry, whether you are looking for a job in gaming or just have a general interest.

Keep your eyes open for more of our EGX coverage over the coming days!