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EGX 2016 – Board Games – Part 2

At EGX 2016 there will be plenty of board games available for you all to play - alongside all of the huge video game fun going on inside the NEC Arena!

In part two of our top board game picks, I get to talk about the games that I think are worth looking at.

Cash 'N' Guns

Now this is a game that I really want to play! I mention Cash 'N' Guns quite often in our office - much to the annoyance of everybody else! Why am I so interested in this game? Well because you get to play as gangsters - and mess about with foam guns! How amazing does this sound!?

The goal of Cash 'N' Guns is to have more money then the rest of your gang after eight rounds of fun! How did this happen? Well you and your gangster friends have just pulled off a big job and now need to split the loot! Of course this is easier said than done as everybody wants a bit of dollar!

Each round sees a different player act as 'The Boss' and he controls the speed at which the round is played! Each round you have to select another gang member to shoot and if you have selected a 'Bang' card to accompany your shot then that person will be wounded and will not get any of the loot!

The aim is simple! Stay strong, stay in the game and build up all that loot!


We have just reviewed Codenames Pictures - which is the newer version of this party card game! No original Codenames is basically the same apart from the fact that you have words to work with, rather than the intriguing images used in the new game!

In this team game you will need to work together in order to uncover your secret agents! Each team has a super cool 'spymaster' - both of whom get to see the secret locations of their agents. The Spymaster also has the important role of giving the clues out to their team! They MUST NOT give anymore clues or hints once the round has begun though - as I found out myself when playing, this does not go down well with the other team.

For example there could be a card with the word Fire on there! The Spymaster would need to come up with a term such as hot or living room as a clue and hope that their team can work it out! Pick the wrong card however and the other team gets your agent! Oh there's also an assassin lurking our there on the board, select him and BOOM that's it - GAME OVER!

Colt Express

A board game that comes with a train and carriages!! This is a must at EGX 2016 right? You even get nice little scenery parts to make it look and feel more like the wild west! Colt Express is set during an attempted train robbery  - the bandits are here and they are searching for all of the money and jewels!

Much like Cash 'N' Guns, we get to play as criminals who are looking to gain as much money as possible by the end of the game. There are fewer rounds in Colt Express, but each one is split into two different phases.

The cardboard train plays a huge part in proceedings as your bandit attempts to shoot, beat-up, rob and distract the other robbers and passengers. This seems like a really fun game and is definitely one for you to check out at EGX!

Ticket To Ride: Rails and Sails

The latest edition in the ever-expanding Ticket To Ride universe has just been released! This are evolving though and there is one quite big change to the new game, as you can probably tell by its title.

The world is your oyster in Rails and Sails as you travel across water to your destinations. With this addition comes a few new twists and features for you to get to grips with but the main aim is the same as all of the other Ticket To Ride installments - claim all of the best routes and connect all the cities!

The board game series is hugely popular in the tabletop world and we definitely expect Rails and Sails to sell just as well as the other versions.


A chance to show off just how clever you are in front of all your friends and family? Your going to take it right? Timeline is a trivia card game which has now actually been expanded into different genres such as music and films!

The original game, which will be playable at EGX 2016, focuses on historical events such as inventions and discoveries. You will need to add your cards to the timeline in the middle of you all - in chronological order of course!

If the card is placed in the wrong place it is removed and you have to select another card from the deck. The player to get rid of all their cards first wins the game - simple right?

Don't forget to have a look at part one of our board game picks - where Andreas picked his top five games!