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Easter Weekend News Round-Up

Easter Weekend News Round-Up

The Easter Weekend was full of breaking news in the world of board games and movies! Now we know that you were all busy eating chocolate, watching your favourites movies, playing your favourite board games and going on Easter Egg hunts so we have collected all the news that you needed to hear about.

Here is our Easter Weekend News Round-Up....

New Cases For Sherlock Holmes - The Consulting Detective

Running off the success of Jack The Ripper & West End Aventures; The world's greatest detective now has new puzzles to solve. Asmodee have announced 10 reworked mysteries, Thames Murders and Other Cases, to draw you in to the world of Victorian London and help Sherlock solve the case!

Each case, in true Sherlock Holmes The Consulting Detective Fashion, begins with an introduction read aloud that relays the facts of the case in question. From that starting point, the city of London opens up before you and entire city is yours to investigate and explore, spread out on a physical map in front you.

Players are not confined by taking turns or movements on the board, all you need to do is simply decide where on the map you want to go, follow the clues and solve the case!

Look out for The Thames Murders and Other Cases coming out later this year!

Green Horde expands Black Plague 

CMON and Gullotine Games have decided that fighting off Zombies, Wolves and Crows isn't quite enough and now the survivors of the Black Plague will fight Zombie Orcs and Goblins!

Zombicide: Green Horde is the new expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague, bringing players back into the fantasy medieval world to fight a new enemy! CMON are looking to re-establish Zombicide as its biggest kickstarter campaign after the massive success of Rising Sun. 

The sequel to Black Plague will be hitting shelves at the end of May 2017

Casting Calls

Big news coming from the wizarding world as the second film in the Fantastic Beasts series is building up steam, with the announcement that the infamous Albus Dumbledore will be joining Newt Scamnder. The series is set decades before Dumbledore was even Headmaster at Hogwarts so this will be a very different Dumbledore than fans will know from the Harry Potter series perhaps a little bit more hands on! Such an influential character needs an iconic actor to bring him to life in this new era of the wizarding world and who better to do this than the multi-award nominated Jude Law.

With the huge announcement that Deadpool 2 is in the works, it was confirmed that the character Cable would make his big screen debut alongside the merc-with-a-mouth. There has been plenty of speculation of who would play the time-travelling mutant; such names as Pierce Brosnan, Russel Crowe and even Brad Pitt were mentioned but never confirmed.

However, it has been confirmed that Josh Brolin has nabbed the high profile role, his second Marvel role- the first being the titan Thanos. Cable is a leader, controlled and complicated-the opposite to Deadpool- and Brolin, not only an academy-award nominated actor, but one who has conveyed serious roles in the past seems to be the perfect fit for such a character.

Super Mario Levels Up into the world of board games 

USAopoly are launching a board game version of Super Mario Bros, the iconic video game franchise, called Super Mario: Level Up.

Players will try and score the most points using the line-up of characters moving them up the board until a character reaches the top. Once a character is at the top board, the other players vote to see if the character stays at the top or gets kicked off the Mushroom Kingdom. It only takes one ‘NO’ vote to get them off the board. Players only has 2 ‘NO’ votes in their hand so each vote needs to be used strategically. The round ends when a character is unanimously voted to stay at the top.

Super Mario: Level Up will comprise of a 3D game board, 13 characters, Power Up cards and ‘?’ Block chips. Being released only in the USA and Canada, hopefully this game’s success will bring it over the pond to us here in the UK.