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Demon’s Souls Remake PS5 Preview

Demon’s Souls Remake Preview
Demon’s Souls Remake Preview

Demon's Souls was the true first in the "Souls-like" series. Releases in 2009, it was only available on the PlayStation 3 and was as unforgiving as its descendants. Dark Souls may be the most memorable, but that's because of the attention it received through its multiple platforms. The former was sadly a hidden gem to many. The release of the PS4 versions of the other Souls-like games meant it went completely missed by many! However, the good folk at Japan Studio and Bluepoint have blessed us with the remake the game deserves! Demon's Souls Remake you to see the classic screen and be informed that, time and again, "YOU DIED". Not many details are known about the remaster, yet. All we know is that it's based on the original.

The Story We Know...

A darkness known only as the “Old One” has consumed the land of Boletaria. You must defeat the King of the land and, with this, lull the Old One back to its slumber... and the only way to do that is to consume powerful demon's souls. The journey will be long and arduous, following that classic Souls' difficulty. Luckily, modern technology means it will definitely be cooperative and competitive via online play. You can guarantee there will be much jolly cooperation - and relentless invasions. Whether you take on the demons cooperatively, or explore the desolate and terrifyingly difficult lands alone, Demon's Souls Remake is undoubtably the remaster we needed to complete the Souls-like saga!

Why We're Excited!

Anyone who enjoys a "difficult but fair" game will appreciate the challenge of Demon's Souls Remastered. Players will appreciate the similarities to the more popular Souls-like games in the series - the atmosphere and freedom predominantly. Players will also get a unique experience from the unique elements of Demon's Souls, not inherited by the sequels, such as mana. I'm personally excited as this was my first introduction to the Souls-like games.

The original game is a truly free RPG, with a robust amount of freedom for players. I imagine the developers have enhanced and added to the original, following the Dark Souls Remastered’s differences to its original. Keep an eye on this one for more updates in the future... And prepare to embark on another difficult adventure, Slayer of Demons, the world depends on it!