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December PS Plus line-up

The new month is here which means that Sony have unveiled a new list of free games for all of its loyal online subscribers. Each month PS4, PS3 and Ps Vita users receive free games as a thank you from the gaming giants. Here's the December PS Plus line-up:

Invisible INC - PS4

In this highly-rated game you take control of Invisible's agents and attempt to take down dangerous corporations. You will need to be stealthy, precise and be able to work as a team if you are to succeed in these high-stakes, high-profit missions.

The game is a turn-based tactics game and is set in the year 2074 - where all of the national governments have been taken over by evil mega-corporations. You work for Invisible Inc, which is a private intelligence agency.

Each turn sees you taking on the role of an agent who has three days to prepare for their final mission. You must take on various sub-missions to collect information, equipment, valuables and personnel.

This game also use randomly generated locations, threats and loot so that every play of the game is unique.

Stories: Path of Destinies - PS4

This is a action role-playing game that has been developed by Spearhead Games. Players take on the role of an anthropomorphic fox named Reynardo, who is a member of a resistance forces fighting against the evil emperor.

Reynardo has an impressive skill set which allows players to use explosive attack combos to defeat the bad guys. The more you play, the more experience you gain. This allows you to unlock new combat skills and craft new weapons to add to your arsenal.

There are 24 different endings to this game and your aim is to seek the best possible version! Your choices throughout the game will take you down different paths and story lines - ensuring that you could play through the game on multiple occasions.

Hyper Void - PS3

Hyper Void is 3D arcade shooting game which as also just made its debut on the PlayStation VR. You take control of a RM-24 combat space ship that features three different type of weapons - all of which can be fired at the same time!

You travel through each mission, sideways only, taking on various enemies. The enemies vary in type and size and will also vary in difficulty - as we all know by now bosses will take much longer to defeat.

Hyper Void contains 29 levels, split between three different galaxies. The more enemies you defeat the more points your earn towards the Hyper Score. If you reach the required number of points you will unlock the Hype Mode for that level - which means you have stronger weapon charge and faster movements.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops - PS3 (with cross buy on PS4 and PS Vita)

An arcade top-down shooter where you control of tiny troopers and take on evil adversaries from around the world. You do this by using your arsenal of weapons and specialist soldiers, whilst also collecting medals, dog tags and intel.

Think Call of Duty but on a more cartoon, laid back level! In many ways this will be a lot more fun to play as well!

Colour Guardians - PS Vita (with cross buy on PS4)

A challenging platform games that's full of colour! The creators of the game describe it as being "easy to learn and quite impossible to master."

Players must negotiate a number of different obstacles by jumping and switching lanes,  whilst also remembering to shift between colours. The aim is simple: Restore colour to the Guardian's universe by travelling across several worlds and taking on over 70 different stages.

During each stage you can look for hidden unlockables such as music, art and new character models.


A basic puzzle-platform game that was originally built using Adobe Flash back in 2010. In VVVVVV you are unable to jump so instead you must reverse the direction of gravity whilst on a surface - causing your character, Captain Viridian, to fall upwards or downwards.

VVVVVV has eight main levels, including two intermissions and one final level that is seen in a separate polar dimension! Further into the game you will discover other cool mechanics such as moving floors and rooms.

One random part of the game that has been talked about quite often is the inclusion of the 'Sad Elephant.' If Captain Viridian stands near to the elephant for too long he also becomes sad. This does not have any impact on the game however.