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Currently on Kickstarter – March 2018

Currently on Kickstarter - Pocket Sub

With so many decent projects appearing on Kickstarter already this year, I thought it couldn't hurt to spotlight a few that caught my eye - starting with a trio of UK companies.

Pocket Sub

Pocket Sub from UK publisher Alley Cat Games promises quick abstract action with perfect information that should guarantee a level of strategic choice. This is a tempting little package especially with the attention to detail, components and the deluxe pledge coming in at only £19 shipped to the UK. At time of writing, the Pocket Sub Kickstarter has two days left and is already funded.

Wreck & Ruin

If Pocket Sub is small, Wreck & Ruin is the opposite, with post apocalyptic vehicular warfare to the max. Boasting some awesome minis, quick set up time and unique damage markers that plug straight into the vehicles there is a lot to like here. Loud, fast and furious action for 2-4 players. At time of writing Wreck & Ruin is at 44% funded with 27 days to go.

Dead & Breakfast

Rounding out the trio of UK games is Dead & Breakfast, showing the diversity in board games as is totally different from the above efforts! Dead & Breakfast sees you building a B&B to scare guests most effectively. You do this by drafting tiles and building a 5x5 grid. Whenever you complete a floor you add a special guest trying to line them up with the type of spooks that will scare them most. Adding to this is a clever routing system for even more points. Dead & Breakfast is 80% funded with 10 days left at time of writing.

City of Gears

Grey Fox Games, who gave us the phenomenal Champions of Midgard, return to Kickstarter with City of Gears. Previous it was destined to be a Dice Tower Essential, somehow it's ended up with Grey Fox and my does it look appealing.

Featuring a randomly set-up modular board that has gear spaces in-between its nine sections, this looks right up my street so selfishly I'm highlighting it here! At the time of writing, City of Gears is fully funded with six days to go.

Deadwood 1876

Part of the Dark Cities Series, Deadwood comes in a faux book rather than a box, meaning this series looks great on your, er, book shelf. Deadwood sees you forming a team to rob the most gold, however when the most successful team emerges there is a deadly shoot out to see who will stab or shoot their partners in the back first.

At time of writing Deadwood 1876 has hugely funded with still two weeks to go!


Sorcerer City

Continuing their run of successful Kickstarters, Druid City Games have launched Sorcerer City. If the company's commitment to high quality wasn't enough the designer, Scott Caputo, would have drawn me to this. His previous game Whistle Stop is a work of genius.

Sorcerer City combines real time game play with tile laying and deck building, a recipe that shouldn't work but looks like it has. At time of writing Sorcerer City has more than doubled it's funding goal with three weeks to go.

Currently on Kickstarter

So there's your lot. Obviously not exhaustive and I probably missed your favourite, so let me know on the Zatu Facebook page or Twitter account what games your looking forward to. Maybe they'll get a mention next time...

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