Are you still open during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes! We're doing everything in our power to ensure we're still able to provide you with board games through this difficult time, whilst ensuring we adhere to the Government guidelines. Our priority is ensuring the safety of our staff and we have several measures in place to ensure they're safe in the workplace. As you can imagine, our business is different to what it normally is. We're receiving more orders and queries than ever before, with a lesser team so please bear with us during this confusing time and refer to our updated policies.


When will my order arrive?

Zatu Games are operating business as usual and all orders are being sent out on time. Currently, our couriers and delivery companies are running as normal but we cannot control how they are operating. Please allow additional time for your order to arrive before contacting us as we're experiencing a high number of queries via phone calls, Facebook and email. We will get to every query but it may take some time. Please avoid sending us messages about release dates, suggestions of games or anything none-order related.  Please don't send multiple messages, this will only delay us getting back to you as we're working off the oldest messages first!


I have a question about a game I'm thinking about getting...

At this time, we're asking our customers to refrain from contacting us about anything other than an active order. You can send us an email/message however we may be unable to answer it for some time. You're more than welcome to put a post on our Facebook page and I'm sure our Zatu Community will be more than happy to answer any game-related questions! Nick from Board, Deck & Dice is often on hand via the Zatu Facebook Page to help with any game suggestions, pros/cons, reviews etc.