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Commander Cody Star Wars Legion Review

commander cody


Within the box you get three miniatures, Commander Cody, Waxer and Boil and each are easy and fun to build. What I really like about this set is that all three models give you all their visual options on how to bring them into battle, all three can be constructed with either phase I or phase II helmets and with both Waxer and Boil they also come with a third helmet option that creates another option of how they can be brought into the battle. For long time star wars fans this means you can construct them to represent your favourite part of the clone wars and this can even encourage buying multiple copies to create these different variants for more accurate versions if you wish to create iconic battles.

The three of them are easy to build and no matter how you build them they play the same, the encouragement is to construct them based on what you have to create natural synergy but this is not mandatory and I love that. Each one has been designed really well to create cool looks to make them stand out on the battlefield and now you can create the ultimate force made of the 212th led by both Cody and Obi Wan.


Painting all three models was very easy with the whole process not taking too long due to the small amount of paints and steps needed for the models, what I did to paint them was follow these steps:

  • Corax white - creating the armour detail
  • Nuln oil - slightly thinned down then covering the whole model to create a worn detail to the armour
  • Abbadon black - the detail of the material under the armour as well as the visor and the guns held by the three of them
  • Troll slayer orange - detail of the stylised markings on the model
  • Cassandra yellow - shading the orange making sure not to slip over onto the white armour
  • Leadbelcher - small detailing on cody for his antenna detail
  • Nuln oil - for the metal detail


Commander Cody feels like a perfect representation of what he is like in the animated show, a commander that knows how to deal significant damage and to direct his forces to military success. The combination of his unit card and all of it functions with the command cards he has creates a commander for the game of legion that is both cheaper to bring and more formidable, making him able to hit that sweet spot of being a feasible option for small battles.

Having a range 1 - 4 weapon for him as a commander is great and when combined with the right upgrades he can support his force from far away and start to hand out the needed tokens and damage to his foes to let his forces bring them down. Being able to throw out observe tokens and gain aim tokens he becomes a strong commander that can lead from the back but also support his troops out in the front.

Along with him comes both Waxer and Boil who are designed to work in unison within their different squads alongside Cody, both bringing phase I or phase II clones great keywords that can help them have a better hold of the battlefield. Waxer brings ‘disciplined’ which can keep the motivation of his squad up letting them keep going under the heat of battle and Boil with ‘guardian’ can allow his squad to take the heat off of others letting them have strong coordinated attacks when needed.

Cody is also equipped with great command cards that allow him to work together with his soldiers to achieve victory, with one of them allowing him to attack any units that attack a friendly unit that is issued an order. For objective based games this can be great allowing Cody the ability to destroy his foes before they can take down those holding an important objective.


This box is one of the best additions to star wars legion and is a must have for any players who started with the clone wars box as the three miniatures brought into the fight from this box allow for a great combination of new tactics that your clones can use to bring to victory. Lets not forget that Commander Cody is the leader of the 212th under General Kenobi and so the demand is there for these two to work together and lead the republic into success under a fully formed 212th army. Both tactically and thematically a great purchase for any republic player, if you love the republic turn to this incredible commander.