Classic Games

There are tonnes of classic games out there as well as new games coming out all the time, with the rise of Kickstarter and a resurgence in popularity for all sorts of board, card and party games it can sometimes feel a little...overwhelming.

What's good? What's popular? What am I going to like? Whats hot on Board Game Geek right now? Is it thrilling? Is it relaxing? Is it two player? How long does it take? Whats the next big thing? These are all questions we often ask ourselves during our strive to find the next new game we desire. So much so that sometimes we forget The Classics.

Here at Zatu you can see we have a very wealthy trove of games on offer but we firmly believe that sometimes you just can't beat The Classics. So in no particular order here are a selection of some of the classic, favourite and long time best selling classic games that we offer.

The Classic game of Monopoly. There are few games as popular and well recognised as Monopoly

Everyone remembers it growing up, playing with friends and family alike. A great source of entertainment for adult and kids everywhere. 

Some enjoy the original Monopoly and can't wait to get their hands on their favourite top hat game piece or are hankering to take control of all four stations. Others might prefer one of the newer themed editions based around a British City, a football team or their favourite film/TV. And I'm sure we all remember people those who just couldn't play by the rules either, well don't worry we've got your back with Monopoly Cheaters Edition too!

Either way we have a large range of Monopoly games here at Zatu.

Scrabble, the classic crossword game. Making words fun since 1938! An original that almost every family will remember.

A game of words, spelling and strategy. It's a great classic game to play with family and friends alike.

There are themed Scrabble games, giant versions, travel versions, versions in all sorts of languages as well as Junior versions and even a glass version for a touch more elegance.

Whether you are a beginner learning the ropes or a veteran holding on to a high value letter for that triple word score we are sure to have a version that suits you.

Oh, and don't forget a dictionary to put any of those Scrabble squabbles to rest!

There's no better way to take over the world than in the Classic game of strategy and conquest Risk

A game with a simple goal, conquest. Build your armies, move your troops, engage in battle and take control. A game full of alliances, betrayal and surprise attacks.

Like many classic games Risk comes with themed editions, alternate takes on the classic Risk playstyle and a junior version too.

Whether you are a Games of Thrones or The Walking Dead fan, would like a more futuristic approach or something with a bit more myth and legend we're sure to have a Risk game for you.

Cluedo is the Classic Mystery Game. It has been updated to include a two player game making it more versatile and just as fun as ever.

Figure out who murdered the host in this original 'whodunit', could it be Scarlet with the dagger in the games room? With tabloid style instructions get the scoop on the updated rooms, weapons and guest. Intrigue cards add suspense and clues but careful, they may result in a second victim!

Once more you can pick up many versions of Cluedo, from Harry Potter Cluedo to Rick & Morty Cluedo and of course a Cluedo Junior for the kids or Cluedo Grab and Go for your travels. We have a wide range of Cluedo versions on offer.

Many games, classic and modern alike, offer suspense and thrills but nothing can beat the classic game of Operation.

Tweezers Ready? Hand Steady? Alright, time to help the Operation character Cavity Sam get back on his feet. But be careful, if you slip whilst removing the butterflies from his stomach or accidentally nudge the edge when handling the frog in his throat it's game over.

You can't beat the frustrating fun when you hear the buzzer and see his nose light up red.

Unlike most classics, Operation only a small number of variants but you can rest assured that the classic game isn't all we offer.

A longtime family classic that's great for lots of laughs and crazy action, Mousetrap is sure to set of a chain of laughter as you play together.

The aim is to scurry around the board, collecting and stealing cheese from each other, but beware of the trap!

Mousetrap is a true classic having came out in the 60's and continuing on today. It's a great way to have fun whilst also helping children learn about decision making as well as cause and effect.

We don't have a catalogue full of Mousetrap games because there can only be one.

The List Goes on...

We could talk about Classic Games all day but we'll save you the trouble. Here's a few more from Zatu that you just can't beat.

Take on your family & friends in head-to-head battles in the exciting naval combat game of the all time Classic Battleship.

The Classic game of Buckaroo. How much stuff can you stack on a mule before he starts kicking? Find out with Buckaroo!

Have fun in this one on one Classic, the original guessing game of Guess Who? See if you can guess the mystery character to win!

The Classic block stacking, tower crashing game of Jenga! Can you wiggle a brick free or will you succumb to the power of gravity?

When it comes to party games there isn't much more fun to be had than the Classic Game that will tie you in knots, Twister!

Have a chompin’ good time with the Classic hippo-feeding Hungry Hungry Hippos game! The Hippo that eats the most marbles wins!

Pop-up Pirate is the classic kids action game millions of children have played for generations and continue to enjoy today!

Put your skills to the test in Rummikub Classic the best-selling game for the whole family. A family favourite since the 1930's!

Test your friends in this Classic game of general knowledge Trivial Pursuit. Flex your brains and put your mind to the test.

Hopefully you have found a great classic game to sit down and enjoy with family and friends alike. That said we recognise that not everyone will find something here. No need to disappear though, we have a very extensive range of board, party and card games at Zatu, check out our full collection by clicking below.