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New Clank! Expansion Series Announced: Expeditions

Clank! Expeditions Expansion Series - Gold and Silk

Fans of Clank!, you're in for a treat. A brand-new series of expansions for the hit deck-building game has just been announced by Renegade: Clank! Expeditions. The publisher has only announced one of these Expeditions so far, but it looks like Gold and Silk will be the first of several in this line.

A limited number of this expansion will be available at Gen Con, although the majority of us only have to wait until next month to get our hands on it.

What are these new Expeditions?

So far we've seen two expansions for Clank!, Sunken Treasures and The Mummy's Curse. Both of these expansions come with a new double-sided board, new mechanics and a new card. The Expeditions line is different. For a start, it's RRP is $16, which is significantly cheaper than the others. And it doesn't come in a box - instead, it just has plastic packaging. That's because the main point of the Expeditions is that you get a new map.

They don't come with any cards (but they can come with other bits). Gold and Silk, for example, has a new monster, new player meeples and some additional tokens to go with the board. Here's the full breakdown of its contents:

  • A two-sided game board.
  • 50+ tokens.
  • Market board.
  • Spider monster marker.
  • Four dwarf player meeples.
  • Rule book.

Should we be Excited?

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely excited by this development. The Expeditions series seems like a really great way to add new content and variability to the Clank! base game without requiring the design time and cost of a full expansion that comes complete with a set of cards. I could see them being pumped out every three months or so. And at that $16 price point (we don't know exactly what they'll retail for in the UK yet) I know that it won't feel like a stretch to buy each Expedition as they come out.

It also looks like there's a lot of content for that price. If it was just a new map in the same vein as the Clank! base game maps I wouldn't be thrilled, but the fact that new tokens and monsters are being included suggests to me that we'll see some real differences. I love Clank! but I found myself getting a little bored of the base game boards before I got The Mummy's Curse. I think these Expeditions will reduce the risk of burning out on a particular set up and help regular players, like me, to keep the experience fresh.

Will they Interact with the Other Expansions?

Gold and Silk only requires the base game and I would guess that the same will be true of all the Expeditions, but I may be wrong. It looks like any extra tokens you might need are included in the Expedition expansion itself, so you won't need to dig out curses or something in order to play.

That said, you may be able to use cards from your expansions to shake up the Dungeon Deck. I don't yet own Sunken Treasures, but I know that there are cards in The Mummy's Curse that work independently of that expansion's unique mechanics.  I don't see any reason why you can't mix some of these in when you want to play Expeditions: Gold and Silk or other expansions in the future.

Who knows, maybe we'll end up seeing an Expedition that ties in with one of the other expansions, but for now it looks like Renegade and Dire Wolf want to keep their new line as accessible as possible.

As and when the Expeditions are announced, you'll hear about it here. Fans of Clank! will definitely want to keep an eye out over the coming months.