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    Warioware: Get It Together Review

    By day I work as a mild mannered (sometimes) software developer. My first forays into the world of modern designer boardgames started just over 10 years with Catan and Carcasonne and has now ballooned to a point where it may not overwhelm my time, but it definitely overwhelms my storage space. I’d describe myself as a Euro leaning gamer but I am definitely not against chucking handfuls of dice to make big plastic minis fight each other. My current favourite designer is probably Alexander Pfister . Outside of the world of cardboard and plastic I enjoy cooking and am trying to get back into the world of rock climbing.

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    Patchwork Christmas Edition Review

    I'm a mummy, wife, boardgamer, blogger, and geek. Having quickly developed a serious addiction to board games, I have no intention of slowing down! Being a part of the Zatu team is a privilege which allows me to indulge my dual passions of writing and playing games and hopefully, through my small contribution to the community, I can help others find games they love too. It is my dream to get involved in all aspects of the gaming industry one day but for now I am happy living life one game at a time.

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    Secret Santa Gifts For Gamers (And Non-Gamers)

    Bod to my Friends, Ben to my Family and Doctor. Blogger & Instagrammer at A Throne Of Games. I found board games when I purchased Thunderstone & Puerto Rico from my FLGS.

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    Top Five Last Second Presents

    Teacher by day, boardgamer the rest of the time! I’m a big fan of survival horror and will be up for anything with solid theme. Coop or competitive, I’m there!

  • mario golf super rush review feature

    Mario Golf: Super Rush Review

    Forged in the fires of the legendary Sega vs Nintendo wars and shaped during his teenage years by the short lived Sony vs Nintendo conflict. Paul now stands a bearded man with the hairline of an egg. These days choosing to be neutral like Sweden, he embraces games of all genres and consoles as family. And has now branched out into the exciting and expansive world of board games.

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    Planet Coaster: Console Edition Review

    I am a laid back, easy going guy with too many plans and not enough time. Team leader, writer, photographer, soon to be a mature game art and animation university student. I have a penchant for buying far too many books from charity stores and convincing myself i will DEFINITELY have time to read them. (I wont).