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Bullets and Teeth: Last Ditch Games Q&A

Bullets and Teeth Interview

Bullets and Teeth Interview

This week I had a great chat with the guys over at Last Ditch Games about their upcoming game Bullets and Teeth. This is a card game for 3-5 players where you are fighting a horde of zombies with fantastic art work. This game really did catch my attention. Below you will say our conversation and find out more about the game and the people behind it.

Can you explain a bit about who Last Ditch Games are?

We're two game designers from Portland, Oregon. Tabletop games have been part of our lives for over 15 years. We are also huge fans of comedy horror. So, with Bullets and Teeth we wanted to create a fun card game with our sense of humour. Unlike most game developers, our artist, Gavin Gray Valentine, is a founder of the company and lead graphic designer of all our games. So, you can expect to see more fantastic art and his style in all our games.

What can you tell me about Bullets and Teeth?

At its heart, Bullets and Teeth is the zombie game we always wished would exist but couldn’t find on any shelf. Something simple that can be a quick experience, or the whole evening where you laugh and throw your friends to zombies.

It’s inspired by the comedy horror genre, like the Evil Dead, but also pokes fun at today’s zombie craze.

The artwork is very good and adds to the game’s theme was this something done on purpose?

Yes, the theme of the game was actually the first thing we decided on and it informed development at every level. We really wanted everything like the joke names, the mechanics, and the art to come together as one experience.

What would you say to anyone on the fence about your game to convince them to back it?

Have you seen the three-headed bear? But seriously, the game has no setup and easy-to-learn mechanics. Getting the feel right was our first goal. The story being told through the cards captures the comedy apocalypse from beginning to end. When you check out our Kickstarter page you’ll see just how much we love it. We hope you love it too.

This being your first Kickstarter what are you expecting and hoping for?

We just want to give backers the best game we possibly can. We want to share our love of the genre and games with others who love it too. We’ve been working on it for years and done our research on manufacturing, shipping, and running a responsible campaign. The rest is really up to the backers.

I noticed you had over one 1000 likes on your Facebook page this indicates you have really promoted and engaged with potential backers do you hope this will be a key to success?

As first time creators, we knew it would be an uphill battle. We’re blown away by the early support. We hope to get our game out there and start seeing a response right away and that has been the case for sure. We want to carry that enthusiasm through to the Kickstarter.

I wish you the best of luck and have enjoyed our conversations over the last week or so but before we go can you tell me something exclusive and not yet revealed about your game?

Actually, we’re doing something very exclusive. We want to make our supporters a part of Bullets and Teeth, literally. Throughout the campaign, any backer can take a selfie in a zombie pose and post it on social media with #bulletsandteeth. We’ll make the game components bigger and better as more people post. Then, we’ll draw as many of the selfies as we can and make them the zombies of Bullets and Teeth!

The one thing that sticks out to me about this game is how engaged the guys are with their potential backers. This will surely help them run a successful campaign. The idea of a social goal that not only adds better components but allows people to become part of the game is an awesome idea. When this game lands check it out on Kickstarter