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Starcadia Quest: Build-a-Robot Expansion Preview

Starcadia Quest Build-a-Robot Preview

Arcadia Quest: Pets was a well-received expansion to Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest: Inferno. Your guild was joined by their favourite furry critters and it was great! However, don’t think Starcadians will go empty-handed! The “pets” of the future are a little less cuddly and a whole lot more metallic. With the Starcadia Quest: Build-a-Robot expansion, crews can build robot companions to accompany them on their adventures!

Digital Love

The robot companions work in a similar way to Pets. The fun thing is that each robot is comprised of a top and bottom part that literally attach together and can be interchanged easily, giving numerous potential amalgamations.

A mini card accompanies each robot part. The top part cards contain a circumstance/condition that will activate the robot’s ability, while the bottom part cards display the effect the robot’s ability will generate. So you can combine different robot parts to generate many different abilities that may work perfectly for your crew!

Both mini cards for each robot are neatly displayed on a robot dashboard, which also contains an upgrade track where you can increase the health and dice pool of your robot. During the game you can collect robot pieces from the board and you also gain them whenever you kill an enemy hero or overkill a monster – you can then cash-in three pieces to upgrade your robot.


Two new heroes are also introduces in the Build-a-Robot expansion. You'll find the braided sniper Kylee and the robotic-looking Leotron (who is apparently just a man in a robot suit!).

With this being an expansion for Starcadia Quest, you can guarantee that as well as goodies you’ll get some baddies! These take the form of the giant tank-like Bulldozer and its Y-Shot minions. Build-a-Robot comes with its own branching campaign and three new game tiles where you can take-on these malevolent robot monsters.

Build-a-Robot Expansion - Coming Soon

I’m currently in the midst of an Arcadia Quest: Pets campaign so I am very excited to hear that Starcadia Quest will get its own equivalent. I think the two-part robots may even take things up to another level in the excitement stakes.