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Board Game Spotlight: Vikings: The Board Game

In a brand new Board Game Spotlight blog entry we get our armour and weapons ready as we take a look at Vikings: The Board Game!

This is the game by Catalyst Game Labs which is based on the epic TV series: Vikings - which can be found on the History Channel! The TV show started back in 2013 and it has just been renewed for a fifth season.

The Game

Vikings: The Board Game was released earlier this year to coincide with the launch of the TV show's fourth season. The game itself is one of exploration and raiding that as the publishers says: "allows players to embrace their inner Viking."

Vikings is a strategy game in which you must plot and fight to become the winner! You will need to scheme in order to collect resources, whilst using your whit to convince stars of the show to support you. Characters involved in the game include Ragnar, Lothbrok, Lagertha and Rollo.

In order to be victorious you will need to complete quests, plunder spoils and claim foreign resources across the modular tiles. The makers of the game promise that each play will be different -which means the fun can continue each time you play.

By the end of the game hopefully it will be you that has become a Viking Legend!

The TV Show

As previously mentioned Vikings: The Board Game is based on the dramatic TV programme shown on the History Channel. The show itself focuses on the stories of Ragnar Lothbrok - one of the most well-known Norse heroes who was notorious as the scourge of England and France.

The show shares the story of Ragnor as he goes from a farmer to a Scandinavian King, with help from his family and fellow warriors.

The Publisher

Catalyst Game Labs were created by InMediaRes Productions back in 2007 for the purpose of publishing Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech sourcebooks. Since this moment the brand has gone on to create new novels for both series and have also created the MechWarrior franchise.

It was in 2008 that the company announced their intentions to enter the casual game market with titles such as Paparazzi and Ooze the Cook. Paparazzi is a card game which sees players cast as celebrity-hunting paparazzi, each competing to get the best and most controversial pictures of their favourite stars.

Other tabletop titles in their catalogue include Wrath of Dragons, The Duke and Encounters: Shadowrun.

Enter the Viking World

Now that you know a little bit more about Vikings: The Board Game, it's time to give it a try! You can release your inner Viking by visiting our online store today - where you can buy the game itself!

"Embrace your inner Viking and help build the Viking legend!"