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Board Game Spotlight: The King Is Dead


Today's board game spotlight sends us down memory lane, back to a time when Britain was not united under the rule of a democratic ruler beloved by all, but when it was separated by national identities and fear... well actually maybe it is quite similar as we take a look at The King is Dead.

The Game

The King is Dead is a board game of political struggle set in Dark age Britain, following the death of King Arthur. Players will be taking the role of King Arthur's court members, as they attempt to secure the most power and get themselves crowned the new ruler of Britain. The games board has a beautiful antique look and is partitioned into eight territories, which is where your power struggle will be occurring. Your fellow players are not your only competition however, as if territories are left uninfluenced the Saxons may try and assert their claims.

The King is Dead can host up to four players and due to the game's eight action rule, play is fast and intuitive. The King is Dead plays in roughly 30 to 50 minutes, making it a great game to slot in on your evenings.

The Designer

Peer Sylvester is a German games designer who was introduced to board gaming quite early, due to his dad needing an opponent in chess. In third grade he wanted to become a professional chess player but ended up becoming a teacher in maths and chemistry. He has designed a number of board games mostly in German, with The King is Dead being the latest of his creations.

The Publisher

Osprey Games is a division of Osprey Publishing, which is a leading publisher of military history books with over 1,300 titles in print. The gaming division is a relatively recent creation with 10 games in their catalogue so far. One of their most popular products has been the new edition of Escape from Colditz, which is a reprinting of the original game with a few component upgrades.

Order The King is Dead

Whether a noble knight or a prominent lady, The King is Dead will most certainly test your wits. The King is Dead is available on our online store right now.